Untamed Assassin


She is fearless,everyone fears her, no one is able to beat her. She is rude , wicked and unkind. No one was or is able to tame her, neither is she seen nor looked at when seen. She is full of hatred. She won't rest until she takes her revenge.... more info

Ongoing: 22 Oct 5 pages
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Rating: 1

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Love In Africa


Zain Malik is the last son of the former Senator in Us. He is handsome and very lovely but he is the baddest boy in the family. Yes baddest. Zain has angered his parents by tarnishing the family's image. His father has decided. He will punish him by sending him to Africa. Zain knows that he is doo... more info

Ongoing: 17 Oct 9 pages
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Rating: 2

#25 in Fanfiction


Silent Smile


It's her 27th birthday. This is the 15th time she has to celebrate it in the dark with pains and regrets. Her parents are anxious. Her brother is confused as to what to do to bring her in the light. The maids are scared to knock on her door. They all fear her wrath. The morning sun shines as if it'... more info

Ongoing: 28 Oct 14 pages
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Rating: 3

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