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A Court of Mischief

How it all began

In the southern part of the great forest in Oregon, lies the heart of the witch kingdom. And in the heart of this kingdom, lies the most mischievous and adventurous little witch there is. While she may be mischievous, she possesses one of the rarest of magic. Thread magic, which is said that with a bit of hard work, will let the witch manipulate fate itself. 

But the little witch was not concerned about manipulating fate just yet. She was not even concerned about perfecting her magic. 

The only thing she was concerned about is how to sneak out of the forest undetected. 

It all started when a strange boy accidentally found his way to the entrance of the kingdom. Coincidentally, the little witch was trying her best to get away from her lessons with her teacher. As she was running away from her teacher, she did not realize that she has already crossed the boundaries of her kingdom. She looked back while running away, causing her to bump into the strange boy and landing on top of him on the ground.

When she saw the boy, she finally realized that she had crossed the boundary so she quickly stood up and helped the boy to also stand up.

"I am so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." said the little witch to the boy. 

The boy shook his head and said, "It's okay. I'm fine. I'm sorry as well. Are you okay?" asked the boy to the little witch.

The little witch studied the boy and found that he was not from around the kingdom. He had a different style by way of clothing. He had a different way of talking from her. He even looks different from the boys in their kingdom.

"Where are you from?" she asks the boy.

The boy was surprised when he heard her ask the question. He narrowed his eyes at the little witch and said, "You know, people usually ask for names of the people they just met. They don't usually ask for the place where they came from. I'll answer it anyway. I'm from London. You?"

The little witch's brows creased and furrowed. London? Where is London? The boy saw this and was about to ask what is the matter when they heard someone calling the little witch. She heard this and left the boy to his own devices and ran back to the boundaries of their kingdom before she could be discovered by her teacher.

The boy, however, was intrigued about the little witch and thought of following her deeper into the woods when he heard his father calling out to him alongside a man he has never seen or met before. It turns out that the man was a ranger in the forest and he helped out his father to look for him after he got separated from his family while trekking into the forest. 

He found out from the ranger that it was fortunate that he was found before he went further into the forest. He asked the ranger why and the ranger replied, "Further in these parts of the forest is the witch kingdom. And no one is allowed to go into the kingdom or the witch queen will kill you. Or so the rumors say. Though there are a lot of dangerous animals further in there. Come on, let's go back to your cabin."

The boy didn't go with them and instead stayed in place while looking back to where he saw the girl run away. His father called him but he didn't listen. He just stood there, frozen in place because he was so intrigued by the girl he just met but never knew her name.

"What is the matter, son?" asked the boy's father. The boy finally heard his father and looked at him.

"The witch kingdom is real, father."

The boy said with a straight face. His father, his mother, and the ranger were shocked at what they heard from the boy's lips. The ranger was the first one to recover from the shock.

"Those were just rumors that were passed down from generation to generation by the people of this area. It's practically a legend or a myth. You don't have to take it seriously." The ranger said with a silly smile on his face.

The boy didn't believe him and instead of arguing with the ranger, the boy opted to stay silent and took the hands of his mother to take him away from the place.

Meanwhile, the little witch that ran back to the boundaries of their kingdom was not able to dodge her teacher. She was waiting at one of the points in the boundary where a stone is placed for protection from people with ill-intent from coming onto the kingdom's grounds.

"Well, look who decided to return to the kingdom. Had fun, princess?" Her teacher asked condescendingly. Her teacher always makes her feel like she is not wanted. Like she is much more powerful than she is.

The little witch didn't answer and opted to stay quiet while following her teacher back to the castle for she is the daughter of the witch queen. And she needs to be taught the proper ways of being the next witch queen once her mother decides to end her long-time reign of a thousand years.

You see witches, like vampires, have a very long life-span that can sometimes be mistaken for immortality. They die, but only when they have been plagued by a disease that has no cure, killed on the battlefield, or they personally take their own lives from the despair that sprouted from living too long of a life.

Only the female witches have these traits. The male ones do not possess the power to create or manipulate any sort of magic nor do they have the long life-spans that their female counterparts have. They are only there to help the witches procreate.

Several years later, the little witch and the strange boy will cross paths again. But they won't know until they meet again under the starry night sky.

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Story about: witch, witches and magic, romance

Edited: 21.01.2021

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