A Digital Age Courtship

Chapter 1 - Legacy

"Right over there," Mom points at an all red brick dormitory we pass on our left, "In Stanley Hall, I stayed in a corner room, on the top floor all four years." She states proudly smiling with nostalgia. "It's a bummer Stanley Hall was all booked up."

"Well, she decided to come here last minute," Ethel reminds everyone. 

I take a deep breath refusing to let her rob my peace, but it's just like Queen Timely & Perfect to point out my tendency to procrastinate. Not everyone gives up a full scholarship to study theatre, at a state university compared to Ivy League schools in academia, to attend their mother's alma mater. One would think a family of believers would understand following God's will for your life, but Ethel, Marion, and my Dad think I made an impractical decision. Mom is too excited to judge whether or not I'm making the right choice... and Vera is like Switzerland when people make decisions. It's her gentle way of being supportive no matter what.

"Plus, all Freshman are required to live in the new dorms now. I can apply to move to Stanley Hall my third semester." I tell them.

We stand outside the Eagle Building, my dormitory, and I'm not complaining. From the outside, the charcol gray building looks like a city luxuary apartment complex. Inside the downstairs lobby, the modern layout of simple solid colors and matte, shiny surfaces make me feel like I'm in San Francisco, which happens to be one of my fav cities, definitely my top ten. The music, the art, the theatre are spectacular and if I could live there, Jesus send me Lord, I will gladly go.

In the elevator, Marion comments, "This doesn't feel like a dorm."

"Isn't it great?!" Mom scrunches her shoulders excitedly, hardly able to conatin herself, "It's so homey!"

Both Ethel and Marion pull out their cellphones and get their social media fix. They make IG Stories about dropping their baby sissy off at college. Their DMs get filled with messages from followers doting over their bleached blonde locks and fancy done nails. I'm sure majority of them want to know where they got their designer clothes. I look at them in their contour make-up and toting their expensive designer bags and think there is not much of a difference from them and the Kardashian Sisters...

Over enthused, mom steps out of the elevator first, wheeling my trunk case behind her. "Which way to your dorm?" She asks like a kid in candy store wondering how many sweets can she get.

Alec, Marion's hubby, gets off next carrying three of my duffle bags. He's a marine vet so he's got the muscles to do the heavy lifting. Once Tommy, Ethel's fiance enters the hallway with a box of my personal kitchenware, the rest of us file behind him exiting the elevator too.

I push past everyone on my right and head to Room 222. The last door on the left down the hall. I use my proxy card to open the front door and we step into a huge open space with dark wood flooring, sage green walls, a large window set that leads to a terrace. The kitchen and the living room are across from each other in opposing corners. The kitchen settles near the door on the left. The living room rests in back near the terrace on the right. On the otherside by the door, is the bathroom, which has a bathtub/shower, toilet, sink, and wardrobe. The white tile floor matched the porcelain toilet and tub. The wall tiles are small pale blue squares. The ceiling matched the sage green of the open communal space.

At the center of the room, one door stands at the left wall and across from there stands another door on the right. Those must be the bedrooms. 

"Hello, is anyone here?" I ask.

"Didn't you get in touch with your roommates last night? Did they tell when they'd be here?" Mom gets all helicoptery. This is her way of wondering which room is mine without asking directly.

"I'm on the left with Colleen. She won't be here until late tonight and I'm free to take whichever bed I want. Aimee and Victoria got here yesterday during Move-In-Madness, but they said they wouldn't be here when we arrived. They had plans with their families before they take off." I say as I open the door to my room.

The walls are powder, pastel yellow and the carpet a light slate gray. The room is a fair size. Two, unmade twin beds sit in opposite far corners of the room up against the wall. Two white desks rest along the wall, by the foot of each bed. On each side of the door, stand tall white wardrobes with drawers on the bottom and a tall cabinet space to hang clothes above.

"Which bed do want?" Mom asks walking past me into the room. "The wall would be nice because you can hang up some posters and your artwork. But then having the window by the desk is nice because you can look out and collect your thoughts during your devotions or study time." She says making valid cases for both. "With the wall there's not a lot natural light, but near the window it could be noisy at night or during the day if you try to take a nap." More vaild points, but why did she have to bring up the negative ones.

Everyone comes in and the guys and Vera put my things in the center of the room. I don't know why Marion and Ethel came if they weren't going to help carry anything.

"Maybe I'll wait until Colleen gets here. I can let her pick what she prefers." I say really feeling the pressure to choose and a little freaked out I will make a choice I regret, but I can't complain what I get stuck with.


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