A Mafia's Hostage

Scream's Part 1

Amelia's P.O.V

Staring at the blank paper in front of me I start to daze out, which I knew I shouldn't be doing. I needed to focus on this English paper and get it done, it was the last test I needed to pass before I could leave for the holidays, Mr. Peterson was asleep in his chair, his snoring was the only sound heard ringing through the classroom. People where to focused on passing this exam so that they can finish collage and start working. I only graduated three years ago and I'm not even that eager to start working for companies. I want to start my own company, but my father said it wasn't what I was made for. I had to take over his company 'Parker Industries', a high classified tech company. Once I was done studying and done with collage I had to go back home and work for my dad before he retires.

I tried to make my dad see that I was only 21 years old and still had dreams of my own, but my dad never understood any of it. But I've always been the 'good kid' in the family ever since my sister, Jessica, ran away. I've been trying to keep it that way for years, getting straight A's in school, never getting into trouble, always do what mom and dad say. That's why I don't argue with them on this at all.

Sighing I force myself out of my train of thoughts and started to focus on the subject at hand...English. after a few minutes I finally completed the test and felt very confident about it. I put down my black pen on the dark oak table and slowly stood up from my chair and walked as quietly as I could to Mr. Peterson's desk. Once I was at the end of his desk, I started inspecting his movements and his posture. His feet where on the table, his right foot over his left. I could see the mud squashed into the heel of his one shoe. His right arm was dangling off the one side of the chair while his left arm was on his lap with a half eaten apple in his hand. There where little drops of sweat on his bold head and his old track suit was looking way to small for him.

Fairing my nose upwards in a form of disgust, I put my right hand in front of my mouth and cleared my throat loudly. Mr. Peterson looked like he was busy being electrified as he shook himself awake. He looked around the classroom, confused before his eyes landed on me. His eyes grew a little wider as he sat normally in his chair again.

"Ah.....Miss Parker, always the one who finishes first" He said with a small smile, I quickly gave him one back before nodding in agreement.

"Yes I suppose, I'm just good in English I guess" I said, shrugging my shoulders to not make a big deal out of me always finishing first.

"Yes, but its not just English. Your a very good student Miss Parker, very good grades as well." He said, his eyes concentrating on my test he was busy grading. "congratulations...." before he could finish a girl in the second row rudely shooshed him. I rolled my eyes at the girl who was being over dramatic, Mr. Peterson wasn't even talking that loudly. He cleared his throat after he glared at her for a short period of time, before smiling at me again.

"Congratulations Miss Parker, another A+" He said, after smiling ear to ear, handing me my paper. I gave him a small smile before saying goodbye and leaving the classroom. Your wondering why I'm not jumping with joy about my grade? It's because I'm use to it and that it doesn't excite me that much anymore. I walked through the silent halls of the collage, once or twice I passed a classroom that where filled with young adults writing their final exams.

I walked through the front doors of the collage and to my car that was near the entrance. My blue corvette was clean and shiny, apart from a lot of cars here, mine was the cleanest in this row. I opened the backseat door and put my backpack on the seat, closed the door and put my test on the dashboard, before climbing in the car myself. I studied my reflection in the mirror, my long light brown hair was in a messy bun, my light green eyes was slightly underlined with eyeliner and my full lips was dapped with a light shade of lip gloss.

My features easily matched my outfit which was simply dark blue jeans, a black strapless crop top and black heeled boots. I was beautiful and I knew it, but I didn't like showing other people what I think of myself, I'm always shy and quite but sometimes I like feeling confident. My body was one of the many reasons as to why I was confident, I was skinny and had a 'nice ass' as my best friend puts it.

 I was both relieved and happy the holidays where here, even a straight A student. so I was really happy. I jumped out of my thoughts at the sound of my phone ringing, I quickly fished it out of my bag, inspecting the unknown number.

"Hello" I said politely, I heard heavy breathing at the other end of the line, I frowned my eyebrows confused as to why nobody was answering. A part of me was starting to get scared, the one thing I hated about myself, I got scared easily.

"Hello" I repeated, my voice raising by itself.

"Hello dearie" The sound of my mothers voice flooded through the phone and I felt myself physically relaxing.

"Mom, don't scare me like that!" I scolded her, she knows how easily I get frightened .

"Sorry dear, but our signal over here is really bad." She explained.

"Why does your number show unknown on my phone?" She was quite for a while, not understanding my question the first time, but after a while she understood and answered.

"Oh, my phone fell in the pool, so your father bought me a new one a few days ago." She said, that just sounds like my mom, always breaking and loosing things, she and my father are both to lazy to search for it or fix it, so they just buy new ones.


Edited: 28.11.2019

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