A New Beginning

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        This was supposed to be the most beautiful time of her life. David had finally returned after being away for a whole year. This was the time to start deciding the next step of their lives together. She had prepared a special dinner for the two of them waiting for him to finally set a date. But Evelyn was standing in the middle of the room, stunned by the words she had just heard, staring at David's face and expecting to hear from him something like ‘I was joking, love! Get ready to marry me as soon as possible.’

          Instead, he was completely silent... David, the lawyer, the champion of the courthouse, was standing in front of her, without talking. He had nothing more to say to her, his… fiancée, the woman who had been waiting for him for over a year, to whom he had asked to sacrifice herself for their love. And while she did what he asked, he sacrificed their love for money, for power, for Patricia Whitehead.

          He and Patricia had gone to work together in London and, incidentally, David had discovered that he had many things in common with her. He was a young, good lawyer and Patricia was a very successful, young CEO and the daughter of Anthony Whitehead, a steel tycoon.

“Please, say something...” David finally spoke looking at her carefully.

          Evelyn's nails stuck in the palms of her hands and she decided not to talk yet. Her very calm blue eyes were looking at him with great determination, while he shrugged and reached out to touch her.

“Damn it, Evelyn, you are making things so difficult!” he added when he saw her move away from him.

“I do not understand what are you expecting of me, David!” she heard herself speak, but her voice was strange. “For a year you kept asking me to wait, to be patient... And now, you come back to me saying that you are no longer interested in ‘this story’, that we stopped being us the moment you arrived in London. Well, I must say that I am agreeing with what you said. You see, while you were away, I analyzed our relationship and I also came to the conclusion that we have to go our separate ways.”

“I am sorry that things must end like this between us, but a marriage would have no chance of success. You have to understand that my wishes are different from yours. You know how ambitious I am in my work and I need a woman next to me who embraces my own lifestyle, who has the same ambitions. Patricia is...” he started explaining without realizing that every word was hitting Evelyn like an iron fist.

          David spoke quickly as if he had prepared that speech five minutes before their encounter that evening. But he stopped for a while and looked at her.

“She is the woman for you. So, you should go back to Patricia and start planning your lives together,” Evelyn finished the sentence instead of David. “I do not see any reason to continue this conversation.”

          She took off the engagement ring and handed it to David. Evelyn tried to remain calm because she did not want to show him how much his infidelity had hurt her. It was David's turn to be perplexed. He had expected to see a hysterical, teary, broke down woman. Seeing her so cool about all this, David no longer knew who was leaving whom. Her attitude made him slightly angry. No, he could not let her win this match. No one was leaving David Leary, not even her.

“Listen, if you really need to know, Patricia and I got engaged three days ago in London. By the end of the year, we will get married. And then we will go to Paris on our honeymoon.”

     Another blow... Evelyn swallowed hard and with a slight smile on her lips, she whispered ‘Congratulations’. Even angrier than before, David continued to justify his choice.

“Patty loves me very much and thanks to this marriage, my social position will change a lot. Shortly, I will have a very important position in her father's company. You can say what you want about me, Evelyn, but this is me.”

          Evelyn continued to smile. Did he want to see her begging and crying?! Though luck! This is never going to happen. She left the room and returned to David's coat. Evelyn handed it to him and then walked towards the door of her small apartment and opened it.

“Whatever you say it is fine by me. Do what you feel like doing and I will do the same,” she added with a clear and sweet voice. “I wish you a happy life, David. Now go, there is no reason for you to be here.”

          Abruptly, he became stiff, staring at her with a puzzled look after he heard her last words. After he put on his coat, David tried to hug her, but Evelyn pulled back. She could not stand a second longer near such a sad and pathetic being. He went away and she closed the door. She stood there for a moment, then turned off the lights and went to bed.

Emma Swan

Edited: 27.07.2020

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