A Reluctant Angel


Hi Everyone, 

By now you've probably gotten a pretty good idea of the style of my writings and I wanted to thank you all personally for taking a chance on this story. I wrote this story some time ago but it's rather special to me because it deals with the human heart and power of faith. Two things that a very near and dear to me.

One of the best compliments I ever got on this story came from one reader which I would like to share with you now:

Oh my, just finished this book. Absolutely loved it!. I have to tell you that it couldn't have come at a better time in my life. My 33-year-old daughter has been struggling with a life-threatening illness for several months. She's gone into full cardiac arrest six times. She has Sudden Death Syndrome. It's a genetic disorder with the heart. Her heart is functioning at 30% and they can't put her to sleep to implant a defibrillator. She's wearing a new high tech defibrillator vest that warns her via alarm when her heart gets out of normal rhythm because it's not something that she feels. Then when she goes down it socks her in intervals until her heart starts again. It's all very high tech, alerting the proper aid for her, etc. They've also put her on a heart transplant list. I'm sixty-one years old, my husband has had early onset Alzheimers for seven years and I've really been feeling immense pressure and loneliness this month. You have no idea how much this book has brought me back to my faith and grounded me. It truly is a miracle that she's here. God really does send angels to watch over us. And to think that I just so happened to be reading this book while all this was happening in my life. All a part of God's plan, I'm sure! Thank you so much! Great read. 📚📝💞💗


If anyone were to ask me why do I write? The answer is written right above here. The fact that my story could bring someone so much comfort during a time of so much pain and renew their faith when all hope seems lost... That is why I write. That is why my stories are filled with so much heart. I believe we can change the world with the power of our words as writers. It is a God-given gift and one I know I am meant to share with all of you.

I had recently checked up with the reader to see how she and her daughter were doing. This was the response I received:

My daughter got pregnant. She has never been able to and was told she wouldn't be able to. She refused to end the pregnancy and the baby's stem cells helped to keep her heart healthy throughout her pregnancy and delivery. She delivered a baby girl on October 11, 2019. Two weeks later my daughter had post-eclampsia and that went into serious complications with her heart again. On December 30th her landlord found her in cardiac arrest in the parking lot with her infant daughter. She was on life support when she kept coding and they wanted me to make a call and I wouldn't. I convinced the doctors that because they didn't know if she had brain activity, they needed to take further measures, not give up because of it. So they did emergency surgery and placed a pacemaker and defibrillator. Two days later she woke up and knew who she was, where she lived, everything. God is indeed good and he does answer prayer! Thank you for asking and I hope that you have been well.


So as one happy ending deserves another, I hope you enjoy A Reluctant Angel. 

With love, from the bottom of my heart, 






Edited: 08.05.2020

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