A Sucker for You

#01 The Masked Siren

“Did you see that guy in the front row? The one with the gray tie? He looked so gorgeous.”


“Are you hoping to catch his eye tonight? Is that why you’re taking your time with the makeup?”


“Laugh all you want. But I swear to you, he can step on me any day.”


“Then, you better get him before someone tries to steal him away because she has nothing better to do.”


Kamil smacked her cherry red lips, inspecting them with a small mirror. Her leather black glove held up the golden compact powder delicately. She turned her head from left to right and did one last look over her makeup. The rouge blush brought a pop of color to her pale skin. Her long raven hair was also loose and wavy behind her back.


Nothing in her movements hinted that she heard the conversation.


The girls groaned and rolled their eyes at her obvious ignorance. They knew she could hear them. They had wanted to. Kamil only joined their strip club a year ago and being humble wasn’t part of her vocabulary. She had worked her way to the top with annoying pride. Her mere presence made them sick.


“Careful, Cassie. You don’t want to give her any ideas. She’ll just love to trample you.”


“Yep, that’s right. Like always, she’d do as you say even if it’s a joke and rub it in your face.”


“I suggest we stop wasting our breath on her. We’re all going to wrinkle someday. She can’t hold on to that pretty face forever.”


Kamil suppressed a secret smile. It was tempting and her lips did tug upwards. She hid her grin by stretching her lips as if to check on her teeth. Two sharp fangs sprung from her upper teeth. She brushed the tip of her tongue and tested their sharpness. 


‘Eternal youth? A legend? They were just unlucky.’


“Why are you laughing?” One of the girls glared in her direction.


“Oh,” Kamil gasped. She turned her head in their direction and covered her mouth. “Was I being too loud? My apologies. I just feel sorry that you couldn’t have my face ruined now even when you tried to slash it with a knife.”


“Why you—”


“KAMIL, MY STAR!” The manager announced as he came inside the dressing room. He laughed heartily and walked towards the back of her chair. He stared at her through the vanity mirror. “Are you ready for tonight? 


“I am always ready.” Kamil smiled back with her reflection. The disco lights in the room gave a sultry vibe. It accentuated how red was her color. From the tail coat, to the blush and to her lips, she was a vision of tantalizing beauty.


Her obsidian eyes gleamed from that fact. “Is my private dressing room ready as well perhaps?”


The manager massaged her shoulders. She craned her neck to give him better access. “It’s coming along. Just wait a few more weeks. You can even go furniture shopping now. We’ll have them setup for you as soon as possible.”


The girls in the corner looked at each other. This dressing room had been their private space for as long as they could remember. No one was allowed to get their own. Thus, they were forced to share despite how messy some of their co-dancers could be. The furniture was cramped and they even shared vanity tables. 


Not even the original dancers of the club received special treatment.


Their blood began to simmer about the new dressing room.


“You’re always so good to me, Alejandro.” Kamil tilted her chin up and batted her eyelashes at him. Unbeknownst to him, the smile she wore was from the blood singing with rage to her ears. “How could I ever repay you?”


Alejandro lowered his head until they were on the same level. He looked straight into the mirror and waited for her to meet his gaze there. “Just give the audience the time of their life. And keep bringing good business, aye?”


“I only offer the best.” Kamil grinned, sending him a wink.


“Good, good. It’s almost time for the show.”


“I’ll be right there.”


Alejandro left the room without a spare glance at the other girls. Kamil sighed before retouching her lipstick one last time. She reached for the black lace mask on the dressing table. Golden boots with heels clacked on the floor. Fishnet stockings covered her legs and mini shorts peeped under tail coat.


This was going to be her best performance yet.


Worth every penny the special customer asked for.


“Tired of our clients? Is that why you slept with the boss?”


The girls blocked the exit from Kamil. The latter clicked her tongue but she didn’t turn away. She met their eyes one by one, taking her time. ‘They sure looked like a girl group by wearing the same pose of crossing their arms over their chest.’ 


“You know that it’s only while you’re useful to him, right? Once you’re worthless, he’d take it back.”


“Girls, please. I have more important things to do than waste my precious time with the likes of you,” Kamil sneered, her tone as cold as ice. She stepped through an opening and forced them to get out of her way. Using a gentle nudge, their balance knocked over. Their grunts of failed protests were music to her ears—and to her inhuman strength.


Kamil paused on the other side of the doorway.

Then, she glanced over her shoulder. “Just like how I have more important things to use my money for instead of smoking. Maybe if you drop the habit, you can save up to purchase your own dressing room like I did.”


Taking the top hat from the rack, she sauntered away from the dressing room and placed the mask over her eyes. The music from the club grew louders as she headed for backstage. The bass vibrated against the floor and bounced off the walls. It brought the place alive.


Edited: 21.02.2021

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