Affair With The Married Ceo

Character Introduction

Adonis Parker

Adonis is an extremely handsome, ruthless and dangerous man. He is 25 years old. He is someone one should not touch. He's married but he longed for love. He never touched his wife as he never liked her. He plays with things only if he wants whether it's a woman or a plan for getting his buisness done. But he likes it when he finds something is hard to get.

Calista Knight

Calista is a 20 years old beautiful girl, she has brown hair and hazel eyes, she's an independent girl. She is a make-up artist, a beauty with brain, she is not only beautiful but she is talented. She never wants to date a married guy, it's her only exclusive condition in a relationship. 

Alina Grey

Alina is 21 years old sweet girl, she is Calista's bestfriend. Since elementary school they have been friends and she truly is a great girl. She is from a rich family but she's not prejudiced.

Jack Griffin

Jack is Adonis's brother, he is 24 years old. He's truly a jerk if you starts to think of all his deeds. But he loves Adonis and Adonis is everything for Jack.

Samuel Walt

Samuel is Calista's crush. He's a good guy in a nutshell. He's a playboy but it's hard to believe as he's hard to catch with evidence.

Richard Knight

Richard is Calista's stepdad. For him, buisness matters the most. 

Nicole Knight

Nicole is Calista's mother. She tries her best to adjust with her step daughter and son but the most annoyed and troublemaker for her is Calista, her own daughter.

Sofia Parker

Sofia is a 23 years old playgirl. She got married to Adonis because of a buisness deal, her dad forced her to marry him at any cost or he would make trouble for her. After getting married she tried to get close to Adonis but failed. She was allowed to do whatever she wanted with other guys but not with Adonis.

Barnali Bhuiya

Edited: 23.06.2021

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