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Sometimes I wonder what is the point of being in a relationship when I still have to beg for your attention 

You keep telling me you love yet I have to beg you to reply my texts 

Anytime i come online is to check if you've finally replied my texts 

Anytime my screen lights up, I quickly grab my phone thinking that it's you returning my calls 

We live so close to each other but you still find it hard to come and check up on me and when I offer to check up on you, to start making up lame excuses 

When I start posting pictures of people who actually show they care about me you flare up and start ranting about how infidel I am.

Because you know I'll never talk back at you because if the love and respect I have for you, you take advantage of me and I end up doing whatever you ask of me

You tell me we're going be together forever but why do I feel so ALONE??!!!

Michael Tolulope

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Story about: soliloquy

Edited: 18.05.2020

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