Amenza :the rise to power

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Chapter one

Hello this is my first chapter I hope you all like it enough to give it a chance. Please do thanks. 

Amenza closed her eyes, she had not seen him since what he had done.  
She was in much pain. 
She was in shame.
After a near death experience, she had decided what she was going to do.

The nurse walked in and smiled sadly at her, she wasn't in the best shape and frame of mind. After a man made miscarriage, it was not some thing she or other person would be ecstatic about that her said lover beat her almost to death.

"how are you?" she looked down and nodded groaning still in pain.  She smiled at her pitifully, the woman had been bought in not breathing, after the miracle of saving the mother, the child was too young to survive the brutality that the mother had face. The woman wouldn't speak, she wouldn't even let the police in, they had called her parents and siblings from Edo state to come help, 
Stella her best friend and Erica her colleague to help her but she wouldn't speak to any one.  

Amenza could still hear her screams in the night, it wouldn't leave been nor would it let her rest,  but she knew not tell a single soul what happened for the past eight months, that baby died and somehow she was glad that she didn't give birth to his child.  He was a dangerous man and she knew if he realized she was alive he would come after her and her family.

Amenza realize that telling her family all the things she got herself involved in for the past eight months wouldn't be the best things for her self at that moment.

Wiped the tears from her face and closed her eyes trying to push away all the bad memories.

She opened them once again and looked outside of the window. She was admitted in Yaba teaching hospital Lagos. The night was dark and gloomy and she knew an heavy rain was coming and it was going to rain badly.

She remembered when it would rain and she jump into it. It had been her hobby since childhood to play in the rain. She often caught a cold.  She had loved it and mother would scold her for what she was doing but it did not mean she wouldn't go back to go and play in the rain and swim in the lake.

She had been the apple of her father and brothers' eyes. They had loved her very much and giving her absolutely everything they could get to satisfy her. Then why did she do it,how could she have ended up with a man like him. A corrupt dispeacable man with no definite future. She thought he was her forever not knowing he was going to bring misery and pain to her self.

What had I expected? Amenza queried herself.       
All the warnings were flashing in my heard.
What was I expecting? 

She scoffed at her naive nature to believe a man like that who would be willing to change just because she entered his life

What were you expecting?  A voice mocked her and she knew she was defenseless against it.  As the voice continued mocking her.  She wondered why she hadn't realized this before now. Well maybe because you were blind! The voice said a hint of a malicious smile could be heard and felt by only her.

The nurse packed the half eaten food and passed her sad smile once again and walked out of the room.

Stella entered the room and walked slowly towards her best friend as if she was a wounded lion, who could turn violent at anytime. The last time she was here and tried to talk past her well being she had talked and started having an anxiety attack. The doctor had attended to her immediately.

After putting her to rest the doctor had discussed with them that she was mentally unstable and had advice for them to give her all the love, care and attention they could give,  he even suggested a therapist who could get her to open up. The family had been surprised and extremely offended by what he had suggested.

"hi" Stella said quietly and Amenza had looked up. "hey"

"can I... Can I hum sit" Amenza nodded. Stella smiled and sat and turned to her shifting the chair closer to her.

"so how have you been" Stella smiled trying to start a random conversation with her.

"it been better" she muttered looking back at the window.  They sat in a thick silence for a few minutes until Stella said something that  infuriated Amenza.

"Are you thinking about him?" her head wiped towards her so fast it could have snapped any faster.

"excuse me?"

" I know you know the person who did this to you. Why are you hiding his identity from us. Was it your friend? Your lover?  We're you married? How did you get pregnant please answer me! "

Amenza glared at her for a while and look down at her hand"get out" she said calmly. 
Stella didn't understand at first "I said GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS ROOM THIS INSTANT!" Stella was startled. She had never seen Amenza angry before. She did not understand what was going on at first she was quite, then she was calm and now yelling furiously. That wasn't Amenza at all in fact Stella had wondered if she had ever knew this woman.

Amenza was the kind of woman that it was hard to tell her emotions. She is a good person but she doesn't let people in so easily. Now after this accident Amenza had begun to exhibit some behavior that even her childhood best friend started to wonder if she ever knew her.

How could someone change in the sparm of eight months? 
What had happened that turned her like this?

Stella didn't understand what could be running through Amenza's mind.  Why wouldn't she speak to anyone? 
Every body could clearly see that something was bothering her. They were willing to help her out, to take the pain and anguish away.
No Matter how hard they try to make her understand, it wasn't enough for her to open up.

They were traveling back to beni the next day maybe a road trip was what she needed to bring her closer to the family.

"okay, okay I am going but know this, your family cares about you and that why you have to talk to one of them,  please. We are all worried about you" she took her bag and walked out of the room. As soon as she left Amenza busted into tears. She knew it, they were worried about her but what could she do. Things were just messy and stupid. She loved them but she couldn't tell them what had led to the accident.


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