An Inconvenient Apology

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It Started With A Kiss


Kennedy’s POV


I’m late.


The deadline was today.

I stepped into the lobby and hurried to the private elevator, my heels clicking against the marble floor.

I hoped I wasn't too late.

Background story, a tramp from my fiancés past claimed she had a sex video of them; and was blackmailing him to the tune of a billion dollars. She was just about ready to sell it to the highest bidder.

Only I couldn't allow that to happen for a number of reasons.

Firstly, my fiancé Luke Chandler was about to make senior partner at his prestigious law firm and he’d been living for this moment since graduation. The law firm was known for handling high profile cases. The clientele was usually A- list celebrities. He didn’t need a scandal hanging over his head.

Secondly, my father was a well-known billionaire and respected business mogul, we couldn't have my name or his connected to the said scandal.

Last but not least, I loved him and was very protective of him-he was my world. I would give all my inheritance d to keep his name from being dragged through the mud and I know he'd do the same for me if the roles were reversed.


We had a whirlwind romance. A typical girl meets boy story. You know one where you bump into each other in a coffee shop and there's an instant connection? That was us.

He proposed six months later and I said yes.


Although we barely knew each other for long-and my friends and family thought I was crazy-it just felt right. Being with him felt right.

He was goal-driven, focused, successful and most of all he was quite a catch. My man was hot, sexy, romantic, intelligent... did I mention hot? With his dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body like a Greek god, he was every girls’ dream guy.

My father had begun to grudgingly accept him and was still slightly skeptical. But that was just my dad being my dad.  I was an only child and he was a typical overprotective father. Plus we had issues that I can’t get into right now.

I haggled with him for hours to get him to give me the required amount, but he was totally against it. He thought Luke was trying to dupe me, but Luke wasn’t like that. He didn’t have a dishonest bone in his body.

So after promising my dad that I’d finally take my place beside him and run the empire, he acquiesced.

The lift doors slid open and I stepped into the foyer of Luke's apartment but it seemed like he wasn't home...until I heard a tinkle of laughter drifting from the balcony.

I placed my purse on the glass table in the living room and slipped off my shoes, dropping them onto the plush carpet, not wanting to alert them to my presence.

If he was here entertaining another woman then I had to analyze the situation very carefully, before they noticed there was an audience.


Anyway, I was his fiancée. I had every right to be here, even if he wasn’t expecting me. I mean an extra toothbrush and some of my clothes took up half of his bedroom closet, I practically lived in this apartment.

I tiptoed silently across the floor and peeked through the sliding glass doors, keeping myself hidden in the shadows. I had a pretty good view.


Why was I sneaking around you might ask?


Call it instinct. A gut feeling. Something just wasn’t right.

There they were.

Luke and Nadia.

In case you're wondering who Nadia is, she's the blackmailing Arabian princess. Animosity aside, she was a beauty; with smoky sultry looks, lashes that any woman would buy or kill for, those come-to-bed eyes, full pouty lips, and a mass of black hair that would do justice to a L’Oreal shampoo advert. But my question is, what was she doing here having a cozy candlelit dinner with my intended?

I leaned on the aluminum door frame and enjoyed the view. The happy couple was still oblivious, lost in each other’s eyes. His blue eyes moved over every inch of her face. I can’t actually remember the last time he looked at me like that? Or had an intimate dinner like the one I was witnessing just now.

"Oh Luke you're so bad!" she laughed softly, before sipping from her flute. "Did you really tell her I was blackmailing you for a billion dollars?!" she sounded more amused than shocked.

"I did!" my traitorous fiancé cackled, leaning forward to refill their champagne glasses.

"And she believed you?!" Her cultured accent made even bad news sound pleasant.


"Yes!" he sounded pleased with himself.


“No...” she giggled.


“Yes. She did,” he grinned.

 “Foolish girl!”


They threw their heads back and their laughter filled the air again.

"What if she runs around and gets the money Habibi?" her pink lips turned down in a frown. “What will we do then?”


"Won't happen," my Judas of a fiancé scoffed. "Her father pulls the purse strings tightly against his chest and they don’t get along. But as much as he loves her, I doubt he will give her a billion just to save my skin. Plus she’s a bit of a wild-child and doesn’t want anything to do with the business-considering she’s the sole heir,” he divulged.  “And it's not like I'm his favorite person. The guy despises me."


At least he was right about one thing.


“When are you going to break it off?” she pressed.


“I will do it tomorrow when I meet her for breakfast,” he said.


“Let her down gently will you darling?”


“I will handle her with kid gloves, my angel.”


"Then you're off the hook I guess?" she inclined her head to the side, quirked her eyebrow. “But you still…could have told her the truth, my love.”


"That wasn’t going to work,” he cut a piece of steak and fed it to her.  He never ever did that with me. “It's not like I could tell her you're pregnant and your family will serve my crown jewels on a platter if I don't make an honorable woman of you. But rather you than her. I couldn’t marry someone that has slept with half of California.”

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