Baby on campus

First day on campus.



Kiera's POV ‡‡‡


"Shit, shit, shit." I curse, my arms were beginning to hurt from the weight on my shoulder. 


"And we are here." Mrs Tracy smiles brightly at me. 


Wait what!! 


I look at the building in front of me. Its separated from the other dorm building and starting to creep me out. 


"Enjoy your stay." I hear tracy's retreating voice. Why do I always get the bad ones. 


I take a breath before turning the nob. I could swear I hear baby cries. 


Its just another imagination of yours Kiera. 


The dorm was not too big, and not too small. Its divided by an imaginary line into two parts. 


The left part is dark and I could imagine dark clouds and thunders hovering at the top. While the right side is bright and beautiful with a smiling sun at the top. 


I guess the right side is my side of the room. 


The bed squeaks when I drop bag on it. 


I could still hear baby cries, but much louder this time. 


I walk towards the dark side of the room, were am sure the baby cries were coming from. 


"Bloody hell." They really is a baby, I rub my eyes with the back of my palm. 


I wasn't imaging it. 


It is a real baby, not those dummy toys, or Mr bear you cuddle with at night. 


I mean a real baby that pops, and cries, and are adorable. 




I look around then realization hit me. 


My room mate has a baby, omg my room mate has a baby. 


I pick the baby then cuddle it in my arms. 


She was cute and beautiful and a plus bonus its a girl. 


"Shh" mama is going to be back soon." I rock her back and forth bit she won't stone crying. 


Maybe she needs sunlight and fresh air. 


I hit my leg on a solid hard substance as I walk to the door. 


"Mother fucking bitch." I curse, the pain in my leg wasn't helping. 


"Oh my God, am so sorry." I say to the baby girl who is now watching me with wide blue eyes. 


Don't curse in front of the kid, don't curse in front of the kid. I mentally face palm my self. 


Ignoring the harsh pain in my leg, I walk out of the dorm room. 


"So were should we go first." I ask the little baby. 


She blinks her eye like she could understand what I was saying. 


I take my time to study her features, she has that baby blue eyes that enchants you like the sea, her hair is light brown and you can easily guess it has a soft texture. 


If she's this beautiful, I wonder how her mom would look, she'd probably look like a model. 


Speaking of her mom, where is she, I mean who leaves a less than nine months old baby home alone. 


I'd talk some senses into her when we meet, and maybe ask why she has a baby on campus. What about the father?? 


The baby squirm in my arms bringing my attention back to her. 


"Well let's show you around." Thank goodness we aren't near the dorm buildings, with that we won't get sighted by other students. 


We walk around not too far though, baby seems to be enjoying the freedom as she squeaks every time I spin her. 


I decided to call her baby cause I don't know her name, and besides I think it fits her. 


"Hey you."I hear some one call from behind me. 


I turn to see a guy looking at me. 


He looks handsome, with light brown hair, and blue captivating eye just like baby. 


Is he the father. 


The look on his face tells me he isn't really happy. 




(Do you guys like it. Its my first book here)



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