Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 1

"Stop following me, Sid", Sana screams as she pushes him against the bar.
"Sano", he mumbles.

"Don't you dare!! Don't you dare call me by this fucking name", she raises her voice. Her eyes filled with both tears and anger. Sid looks at her with his helpless eyes. 

"I'm tired of cleaning all shit of your life. And that's what you want Sid. You used me", she says in a broken voice. Her words choke.
"I didn't...", Sid screams desperately. "I have never Sano. I've never used you", his voice is broken too.
"Your Bella is waiting for you", she looks at him with her blood boiled eyes. 
"Sid", A soft girly voice echoes as Sid turns. He sees Bell smiling at him. She is looking like a fairy in a white gown
Sana's heart starts breaking into pieces as she witnesses the way sid is staring Bella.
2 months ago.. before this day.
Alarm rang.

It is Monday morning. Monday sucks; at least to me. I open my eyes as I discover his head on my naked breast. I smile at him remembering last night. We hardly get time for this. I trail my fingers over his skin while my other hand travel through his deep hairs. His sharp jawline attracts me more than anything else. I can always find a tiny smile on my face whenever I look at him.


I keep staring at him until he moves. 
"Sano....", he murmurs in a sleepy voice. His eyes are still closed. I love the way he calls me 'Sano' 
"What's the time?", he asks as he wraps me with his long arms. I dig my face into his chest releasing my warm breath against his chest. "8:30", I utter. 

"Would you make me a coffee?", he asks me while placing a deep love bite on my neck. I hiss clutching his hairs. We both are naked on the bed wrapped with the same blanket. We had one of the craziest nights yesterday.


"Sure", I grin at him and get uplifting my clothes from the floor. I walk near the mirror as I dress.

I'm Sana. Sana Menon. I'm working for Green John Multinational Company. I was fifteen when my parents got separated. Sorry!! Officially divorced. I had no choice but to listen to them. I wasn't capable of bearing all my expenses so I had to follow one of the most typical rules on the earth. The rule which is valid for every child whose parents are separated. I had to spend 6 months with my father and another 6 months with my mother. Though my mom always wanted me to stay with her, I didn't like to stay under the same roof with my mom's boyfriend. Yes. She had a boyfriend. And soon my father too brought another wife. Fortunately, I turned 19 when my father did that. I moved to Toronto and joined a club as an assistant DJ. My life completely changed after that. 3 years later I moved to Sid's place.

Sid. Sid Mathews. The CEO of the company I work for. Hey!! Don't get me wrong. I didn't seduce my boss. Sid and I graduated from the same college. We are together for 5 years. He is my boyfriend?? Well, you can say that. But we never behaved like that. We love to be with each other. We understand each other. We are always there for each other. We give each other mental and physical pleasure. This is all about our relationship which is still a mystery for us.
"Sana.. My coffee", Sid yells from the bed. He is never gonna stop being bossy.

I go to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker. My phone buzzes. It's from my associate Tina. I have some pending work which I left yesterday to celebrate sid's birthday. Meanwhile doorbell rings. I can guess the only person who can arrive early morning on Sid's birthday. I walk to the door and open it as Sid's mom comes inside without saying a single word to me. She makes her way to sid's room. Sid's mom, Lydia is the most elegant woman I have ever met. She has the most charming personality at the age of 50. I close the door and go to the kitchen. I make 3 cups of hot coffee; One sugarless for Sid, another with 3 sugar cubes for Lydia and the last random one for me. I don't prefer coffee much. But I love to drink it with sid. As I enter in Sid's room Lydia passes me a look that I expected.
Sid's POV
I'm always in a mess whenever mom visits my place. She doesn't like sana at all. Fortunately, Sana and I are not that much serious about our future. Otherwise, my mom would've tried every possible way to take me with her. I look at Sana who is smiling as she comes inside. This girl always makes me speechless with her sweet gestures with my family. I'm aware of two versions of her. One with others and another one with my family. She is not so well behaved, she is bold, she is completely savage. She can shut anyone's mouth just in seconds. But whenever mom uses harsh words she always acts mature.

"How's you, aunty? Long time", she says handing her the mug. 
"Good", mom replies and takes the mug. "I thought I could celebrate 26th birthday of my son at our place", mom passes a mockery smile as sana feels little upset with her words.

"Come on mom. I have the whole day for you. For Samantha", I say to calm down the situation. Samatha is my elder sister. 
"I know. I have come here to take you with me. We'll spend the whole day together", she says with a smile.

I don't wanna turn her down. Neither I have any plans with Sana. But today I have an important meeting. I and sana are working on a big project. I've already invested half of my bank balance for this project. Sana looks at me being confused. She too knows that I would hardly get time today.

Niharika Nafisa

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