Beauty with the Beast

Chapter 1

Ashley POV:

“ I was in a dark and  noise  place , I started to move toward the direction of that  sound when I heard someone is screaming , that scream is so loud that I get scared and stand still for few second when I get my conscious back I rushed . I reached to  room from where the noise is coming , the door of that room was slightly open  , I look around and try to sneak into that room  where I saw a man holding a iron rod sitting on a chair and  smiling at the direction of man whose right leg is covered with blood .

Other than that there are another three men’s who are begging for there lives  the men who was holding  iron rod had devilish smile on his face I can’t see his face clearly but I can tell that he is really very satisfied by seeing them begging for there life , he asked something to that man who has injured leg and he said no loudly, I can’t hear what he said but after that  he hit his leg hardly , I covered my mouth with my hands so that no one can hear me . He  stands up from his chair and move his right hand towards the  direction of  the men who  is standing beside him looks like his  body guard . he placed gun on his palm ,  and the next moment he shoot all of them, a loud NO escape from my mouth which grab the attention of that man and his guard , I tried to run away but my legs got numb  , and that guard reaches me and grab my hairs harshly ,I start screaming  NO NO ….PLEASE  NO… DON’T KILL ME PLEASE ……..PLEASE DON’T ……” and I woke up I was breathing heavily  when I get my conscious I heard grandma continuously  knocking the door I quickly get up from my bed and open the door and hug her tightly and  I started crying  . after few minutes I feel relaxed I asked grandma if she can sleep with me  in my room tonight and she said yes to my request. I lied on bed beside grandma and she pat on my head so that I can sleep sound after few minutes I fall in sleep . 

lil mermaid

Edited: 30.04.2021

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