Bertilla Rini

Chapter 1- The Hangover

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First of all, Thank you so much for your intention to try out this book. Wattpad has a huge range of collections of books and your interest in trying out my book is huge sign of positivity for me. This book is in my papers for about three years and now I have begun publishing it with the support of my friends and beloved ones.

All the characters are fictional and I strongly stand against the idea of plagiarism.

A special mention to my beloved friend Sathish Kishore who is the man behind the art of my book cover and also for tirelessly editing/proof reading my book. Lots of work has gone into this book and I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Someone far away..likes today..'

the song lyrics trailed off distantly as I badly tried to read what's happening around. I was a deep sleeper, surely. However, the call soon went off and my eyelids convinced to get back to hugging each other to sleep.

Undoubtedly, my eyes weighed me down but to only question the present scenario.

'Where am I?' is the first question my mind raised, which was shut down by another voice 'same old stereotyped question'.

'Typical. Just Typical.'

I slightly stretched my arms as my eyes slowly captured the room. It was dawn and the temperature drop in the room gave me a sense of irreplaceable pleasure. The marigold colored curtains seldom gave me the sunshine and yet the timid light basked in all its glory. The living room was quiet, still and perfectly complemented the marble floor.

The french window across the kitchen and dining room was not a mistake after all, I thought. The skyscrapers giving me sudden goosebumps. It was on the 30th floor I was staying and I have to admit, the balcony in the hallway was the best place for therapy. But what am I doing here, I mused. I usually slept like a whale in my master bedroom and the couch was a bit new and .. fishy. Suddenly I realized something and it shocked me on the whole.

I was not wearing anything under the sheets.

That is-Completely naked.

Have I been so drunk last night? to this extent?! I asked myself, only I didn't know that the full extent was yet to be discovered.

My eyes caught something beneath the coach's corner, I knew what I was seeing and I still was not able to digest it. It felt like my eyes were petrified and my body froze in shock! I couldn't digest what my eyes were exactly witnessing and I quickly rolled towards the edge of the Matress, my eyes involuntarily fixed on the figure lying on the floor.

It was a woman. A Sexy and immensely hot-I mentally facepalmed myself.

Have some decency Arjun, my inner voice mocked.

She was lying on the floor with her chest pressing the ground; revealing her back and vaguely a part of her cheek since her hair was ruffled. Surely not a sight I was familiar with.

But, She looked extraordinarily hot with the right curves and fat at the right places with only the lingerie covering her up. Okay not exactly covered, I thought.

I lied back on the couch again with an endless number of questions in my mind and sudden outgrown consciousness took over me stating that I was absolutely naked.

You Shameless Bastard, my inner voice slammed me.

'What is happening?' I asked myself again like of a coma recovery only that a feeling of large embarrassment accompanied this. Though I should admit, my male pride smiled on one side. But I didn't know what I am more confused about- a girl in my apartment or a girl with lingerie or the fact that she looks like a corpse. I shuddered at that thought.

The room temperature was definitely too cold for her to sleep like this. I crawled towards the mattress edge again and risked a glance to only see her slightly adjusted in her sleep position with her elbow now heartily rested on her forehead. My eyes were now roaming on her whole body as it fixed on her underarms and her red bra with her whole stomach on display. A sudden rush of guilt washed over me and I shrugged myself of further thoughts and immediately sprung from my couch.

Thankfully, the apartment in the U.S had tall towers. Had it been India, my manhood was for the whole world to see. My eyes scanned the whole room as it cornered on the pants which was lying on the floor.

'What did I do to her?' I gulped with my sight fixed on her while my body was moving around carelessly. I couldn't focus till my mind analyzed what is exactly happening here and my headache was surely not doing me any good. And suddenly, the timepiece across the room beeped loudly with the time display flashing bright fluorescent colors. I tried to reach there barely hopping as I was still adjusting my Pants. Once I turned the alarm off, I realised something. I was indeed in a very bad hangover with my headache pouncing on me the more I moved.

'Who is this girl?' I exclaimed more doubtfully. With more and more minutes the clock ticked by, I was going crazy about this girl.

I was surely not in any sexual interaction of late and this was eating my mind.

I was worried that it was a memory not retained. What could have possibly happened?

'Did we- Did we actually have se--sex?' I doubted myself with my eyes losing its colors. I surely didn't want the morning to be this way if we had- I swallowed.

Bertilla Rini

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