Billionaire's Betrayal Love

Introduction and Cast

Female lead



Jiya Zaman


Jiya is an orphan. She is very beautiful and innocent..

She was madly in love with Arhaan but he broke her heart and forced her to leave him. With a broken and bleeding heart she went away from his life... 





Main Male lead


Arhaan Ali


Arhaan Ali is a self made billionaire. He doesn't love anyone except his younger sister. He doesn't like his family because of their behavior and work..

He broke Jiya's heart and left her broken because she hurt his ego.. But when she left him, he realized that he also loved her..

And now he wants her back...









She isn't smiling just showing.

She wants to forget him but can't.
The more she tries to forget him, the more she ends up remembering him...

She wants to forget his betrayal, his rejection, his fake love, care everything but just can't..

Now day by day the pain in her heart is growing and she is breaking slowly...

When she finally moved on, he came back and wanted to claim her again...

Will she be able to forgive him???

Will he be able to win her back???



Let's find out readers.....



Let's start their Romantic journey





Khurshida Khushi

Edited: 27.10.2020

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