Billionaire's Intense Love


The hall room was decorated beautifully with flowers, lights and the ground was covered with rose petals and a heart shape was made with the petals and red balloons at the centre.

A soft romantic song was going on playing in the background. Suddenly, the light went off.

The people of the crowd started muttering, “What’s going on?” only to get all silent when the spotlight fell on Nathan who was on his knees on the stage with a ring in his hand.

He forwarded his hand towards the girl standing in front of him as he uttered, “Will you marry me?”

For a moment Amelia stopped breathing. But when Katrina forwarded her hand, her eyes became all teary only to get a drop rolled down as Nathan slipped the ring into her finger.

Holding her hand when Nathan looked at Katrina all lovingly, being unable to handle anymore, Amelia left from there.

She came outside of the hall room and sat with a thud on the bench in front of the garden.

She started muttering to herself, “How did I forget who is Nathan? How did I expect him, the billionaire heir to love a poor girl like me? How did I forget the barrier between us?
Status, family, society..

How did I think he will stand up with me against all this?

How did I?”

As Amelia kept thinking all this, tears started escaping freely.

Little did she know her absence was noticed the very next moment she left the hall room by no other than Nathan who was physically present there but mentally he was harassed like hell....



Hasna Hena

Edited: 22.06.2021

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