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         “Oh no! Please, not this time” gasped Irene as she hurriedly fixed all the things in her table and get ready to head home.

          It is raining hard. According to the latest weather forecast the tropical depression has progressed into a typhoon. In no time the streets and roads will be flooded and there will be no buses nor even cabs to ride on. Irene run to the growing number of passengers in line in the bus stop with all her stuffs in two large bags. 
          “Hey, Miss 24/7! Hop in” shouted the man in the Mercedes-Benz.
          “Oh, Dexter! It’s really you. Hold on.” replied Irene as she quickly run into the car.

          “I dind’t expect this. I thought I will be squeezing in with the passengers in the bus this afternoon” uttered Irene as she glanced at Dexter with full smile. “When did you come?”

          “I have really missed that smile… it’s the same smile that I always look forward to see” uttered Dexter as he looked intently to Irene.

          “And it’s the same Dexter that flatter me so much that makes every word of his unbelievable” smiled Irene.
          “So I guess you are headed to the center. Do I have to drop you there?” asked Dexter with confidence.

          “No, home… and of course you need to come. Let’s celebrate.” Uttered Irene excitedly.

          “Wow oh wow, Irene Reyes is inviting me to their house. It has been years since your last invite. It must have been so worth celebrating,” remarks Dexter with amazement.

          “Right! Gabrielle has passed her entrance exam with scholarship at the university.”

          “Oh, really? It’s really worth celebrating. She’s really gorgeous”

          “Like mother like daughters” they said in unison and then laugh together.
They drop by a supermarket to buy some food and they headed home. Their house is not that far from the supermarket. But something is different today. It seems that the house is abandoned.
          “I thought we are going to celebrate” asked Dexter with confusion.

          “Yes, actually I told them to come home for the celebration. They should have been here this time or else they will be caught by the flood” said Irene worriedly as she dialed her phone for Raphaelle whom she can’t reach as well as Gabrielle. Irene got down from the car without minding the heavy rain and run to the house worriedly. She trembled as she searched in the keys until she landed on the right key. Upon opening the door she was surprised by the popping of confetti by the door.
          “Oh you surprised me” said Irene with teary eyes. “It is not my birthday or my achievement either”

          “Yes mommy but it’s you who supported us all throughout this endeavor. So my success is yours as well” explained Gabrielle hugging Irene.

          “Ours. So congratulations to us three” said Irene as she invite for a group hug.

          “We love you mom” said the two girls in unison.

          “aahmmmm. Girls what about me?” complained Dexter.
          “Of course uncle Dexter” laughed the girls as they include him in the group hug.

          “Let’s have a toast to another achievement of the family” invites Dexter to the three girls.

          It has been the dream of Gabrielle to go to the same university as her sister who is graduating in two years. A new day and hope are dawning in the family. Yet for sure we are just at the eye of a storm. But whatever that storm may bring we are here as a family to surmount it.


Irene’s Diary

              I am really happy today despite this storm. Gabrielle has passed the entrance exam in National University. This is her dream, the true reason for pushing herself to the top. Although I know that she can make it, I still have to give the right support she needed. I believe in her intelligence. She has become as intelligent as her sister. But, can I still manage the two going simultaneously at a number one university? Although They have scholarships, their materials and other needs are costly. I guess I must add more extra jobs. Anyway, Raphaelle is graduating next year so I have to add another part time job. Even just for a year. Oh my, why do you have to leave me alone in this situation. Please leave me even just a single sign that you are coming back. I need your help this time for the schooling of the 2 girls. For goodness sake, 12 years had already passed and yet you are still nowhere to find.

                 Dexter is back again. He is so happy for the girls’ achievements. Do I have to consider his love this time? But if I am going to accept his love, I will be entering an abyss of controversy. How can I handle his mother and grandfather? How can I explain my situation to them? Oh, my Irene wake up. Your world and his world could only be reconciled by fantasies. Yes, I have to forget this feeling. Focus on your goals and the girls.

               He has become more handsome this time. Honestly, I have missed his brown eyes, His charming smiles that introduce his white and perfectly formed teeth. He is still so neat looking. Dexter…my Lancelot… until when can I hold this feeling that I am holding in my heart. Please don’t be so gentleman and keep a bit distance please…please…please.

Dexter’s Diary
            She is still beautiful… the same Irene I left five years ago for the company’s take over. Oh how I missed you Irene. How I long to hug you so tight and keep you always by my side.

            Why? What wrong have we done to fate that displayed us in this pedestal of miserable situation? I love her so much, but I can’t marry her. I know that she loves me too, but she is restrained by that responsibility she is not supposed to carry. But is there any way to compromise these situations we are in? How?

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