Bitter sweet love


       Sometimes I wonder if I make good decisions that will help me in the near future. Every time I feel how I mistake, no matter how long I think about them. I am always wrong that everything will be fine and that nothing bad will happen. Most of the time I feel that I am a blind person, who does not see beyond the pupil of an eye, who hides so many things, emotions...

      Although I try to hide my emotions every time a person lies myself, I feel how my soul fall apart, little by little, leaving only a thread of light. I know I don't have anyone who can be called a "friend," but I try every day to tell myself that no one deserves me. Instead of suffering, I pass besides people like a ghost, which doesn't like me and gossip about me on my back.

      I try to hide myself in the shadows, so that no one notices me, in the strong sunlight that caresses my face and hair the color of browned chestnuts.

      I recently met someone who radically changed my life, who turned me into a new girl. She was reborn from her own ashes, like a phoenix bird.


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Edited: 04.05.2021

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