Blue Bead Loves Ralph

Chapter -1

Congratulations Rudina! You are finally now the goddess of the Black Bead Snake Kingdom.But don’t take it lightly cause it will be full of more responsibilities and work. So, it will be good for you if you side away love relationships from your life for the time being as it’s against the rules and also will weaken your powers as a Black Bead Goddess.”  Chris said this to Rudina in a mocking tone.

Chris is Rudina’s cousin and an alpha Bead of Snake Kingdom. As well as he has a secret crush on Rudina which he doesn’t show openly but very slightly which is not noticeable by everyone. Therefore, he always warns Rudina not to fall in love with anyone by giving his uncountable lame reasons.

Don’t you worry my dear Cousin. I am well aware of my responsibilities and rules which need to be maintained by me. And by the way, I heard mother talking about finding a snake queen for you in the nearby kingdom of ours. So, get ready to marry her and give me some good news later for widening our kingdom with your childrens.” Rudina said this with a smirk on her face looking at Chris.

What?!! NO! I am not going to marry her , like I don’t even like her. How can I marry her then? And kids! Hell NO! What weird things are you thinking about me Rudina. Please focus on your status, not mine. I will marry the one I LOVE, THE ONE I WANT! Not anybody else's choice." Chris said this with his annoyed face glaring at Rudina.

Rudina started laughing at Chris's statement and said, “Okay fine! Chris, do tell me your lover’s name as you find her.” 

On this statement of Rudina Chris said in himself ‘It’s you only Rudina! I love you but due to some circumstances I can’t confess it to you , but surely sooner I will confess to you and with family’s affirmation we will marry!’

While on the other side Rudina was meeting her quests and talking about their well-being. 

Rudi, Please come here. I and your father want to talk about something important!” Rudina’s mother called her to their private room.

Sure Mom! Just coming”Rudina said, forwarding her steps towards the room.

As she was inside the room, her mother locked the door from inside and said, “Rudi, You have to be careful because Werewolves are active now, they can attack our kingdom anytime! So, you need to be in work mode. And their leader is really horrible with his son , he is killing many innocent snakes. So, their safety is now in your hands.” 

Her father continued and said, “ Yes Rudi, your mother is telling the truth and if you want to learn how to attack by new powers you have owned, please do tell me I will arrange a teacher for you. But your safety should be the first priority, I can’t risk your life at any cost.”

Don't worry Mom, Dad I will take care of it, and yeah please assign any teacher for me, I want to learn more to protect you and my whole kingdom as I am the goddess black bead snake  so it’s my responsibility.” Rudina said this while hugging her mother and father from both sides of her hands.

After finishing the conversation with her parents she went to the hall where the ceremony was going on. There she collided with someone and it turned out to be a beautiful handsome faced man looking at her.

Oh! I am sorry gentlemen , I didn't see you coming in this direction, my mistake could you accept my apology pretty please.” Rudina said this with a cute face and in that innocent expression.

That man seeing upon her thought in himself, ‘How can Dad send me here to kill her? She is… She is so cute. How can she kill any werewolves when her heart is so pure and innocent and so good with strangers too. I think Dad is mistaken about her. I can’t harm her Dad! Sorry for this!’

Hey! No problem , I didn’t even see you myself and yes your pretty please apology is accepted.” On this both of them laughed together.

By the way, I am Rudina Black Bead. You?”

“I am Ralph and yes you are the goddess who will not know you!”

“Yes… But you can assume me as a common girl from the Snake Kingdom named Rudina That’s it.”

“Yes… But you can assume me as a common girl from the Snake Kingdom named Rudina That’s it.”

“And same goes for me too!”

As they were furthering the conversation it was soon interrupted by Rudina’s father calling her to give a speech for being appointed a new goddess of Snake Kingdom.

Giving a loud reply she said, “Coming Dad!” and again in a lower voice she said, “Ok Ralph see you after my speech is over! Till then don’t go anywhere. We will talk after that in my room. See ya soon.”

On her statement Ralph smiled and said, “Fine! Now go fast or else your father will call you out again.”

Rudina went from there to the stage where on the other side Ralph started thinking about her.

Ralph’s POV.

This girl is so awesome. How can Dad come to say she is a danger to our Werewolf kingdom. Or maybe it’s because her father and mother think werewolves are dangerous so they want to harm us. I think it’s a misunderstanding between both of the kingdoms that one will harm the other. But now the disturbing thing is should I tell Rudina about it? That I am from werewolves kingdom and both the kingdoms are just having misunderstandings about each other. Because I can’t harm her, she is innocent and already holding a great responsibility on her shoulder.

End of Ralph’s POV.

Here continues the speech of Rudina on the stage.

“Hey Everyone! I hope all are happy and satisfied with me being a Goddess Blue Bead of Snake Kingdom. In case anyone is unhappy then please accept me because I have also worked hard to achieve all the powers of Blue Bead Goddess. So it takes effort. And I promise in future I will also protect each member of this kingdom from werewolves if they attack our area. But if they keep quiet, I will also stay back and won’t create any problems for them. Hope this makes a clear clarification to everyone and won’t harm any of their members until they are not harming us. If I found any of our members meddling in between and avoiding what I said today , they would be punished as per my instruction. Laws are the same for everyone. For safety purposes, I have assigned Snake guards to each group to keep your safety at first. So you all don’t have to fight with anyone. Also, they are very well trained to fight with powers as well as with strength. That’s all I wish for everyone to be safe and healthy! With this I end my speech. And everyone can continue their gossip. Thank You!”


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