Bones in the box

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She sat alone in the musty basement room. She hated the basement so it only seemed fitting that her office would be placed there. Everything about her job was like this, but she still tried to make the most of the opportunity. Her godfather was a considerable donor to the museum most that worked with her thought that was the young doctor got the job in the first place. At twenty-five, she was one of the up and coming newest members of the field but that of course was overlooked as people thought that her "uncles" money had bought her way in.

Her uncle had offered to help put a word in for her, but she had refused. She only wanted people to know her for her work, not her association to one of the wealthiest men in the state or even the country for that matter. She had rested on her knowledge instead of that but somehow after a charity dinner to which she was a guest of his her association was leaked out. She was now labeled as one of those rich kids instead of one those hard-working kids. It wasn't a new feeling for her, every time someone found out she was looked at differently then what she really was.

She looked around the almost open office that was lacking any personal touches and smiled. She was happiest with the lights blaring and the sounds of soft music playing in the background. This was hers. She looked around and thought it would be almost perfect if it weren't in the museum's basement of course. She still smiled every day as she scanned her ID card and made her way to the dusty storage rooms of exhibits gone by to the hallway that leads to the offices.

The further she walked down the hallway the more she actually felt the history, and the mustiness of the corridors would become overwhelming. It was only on late nights that she would think the whole building was haunted by some known spirit that stalked around the building. She had always believed there was more than what we could see, but this job led her to try to be reasonable. She was a doctor after all. She was a doctor that was labeled rich and had an overactive imagination.

She was working late again. She had no idea why she was voluntold that she had to stay for the delivery of the incoming packages. The museum had created a massive buzz for this new coming exhibit by winning the contract with the Japanese government to do the genealogical studies and dating of some of their more notable historical people. She knew her uncle had been a driving factor in the museum getting the contract. She also knew the reason he had used his influence was her. It was something she wanted to work on, and it was a gift to her.

When the loud buzzer went off, she made her way to the loading dock to where she lifted the gates to a smiling delivery man. "I have some crates for you.", he smiled.

"Thank you.", she smiled back. "Just place them over there while I check them off the manifest, please."

"You got it, Princess.", He smiled and went into the truck. He started to load up the dolly and bring out crate after crate. She was checking them off the list that she had when she saw there were two more crates then what was supposed to be there. She looked up and asked him.

"Those aren't on the manifest.", she said, "Are they for the exhibit?"

"I just deliver what I am told.", The man said with a grin.

"I need to call before I can sign for those two.", She said not really knowing what to do. It was more often than not part of a shipment was missing not that there were more then what was supposed to be sent.

"I will keep stacking Princess.", The man said as she walked over to the phone in the loading bay. She picked up and started to make the call.

"Hello, this is Doctor Jankowski from the Berkinshire Institute Museum. I have two extra crates from what was in the manifest.", She said.

"Ah yes, Just the person we were hoping would receive them. Dr. Jankowski those are for you, a gift from a benefactor that believes in your talents.", the voice on the phone who identified himself as the curator from the original museum.

"A benefactor?", She asked. She knew it had to be her uncle. "Gifts?"

"I am to pass this on. You will know what to do with them when they feel comfortable with you.", they said as they hung up.

"Well, what the hell does that mean?", she asked herself out loud.

"So princess, You want these two or not?", the delivery man asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry about that. It seems they are a gift.", she replied.

"A gift huh?", the delivery man asked. "Seems a little weird to send a gift like this."

"Tell me about it.", she replied to which he laughed.

"You want them with the rest?", he asked.

"Actually, can you bring them to my office? It is only down the hall. I don't want to get them confused with the others.", she said.

"For you, princess anything.", He said with a wink as he followed her to the office as she held the doors open for him. He looked around in the large room and smiled. "You haven't done much with the place have you?"

"No, I just moved into it a few weeks ago when I got my fellowship.", She replied as he put the crates down and moved the dolly from underneath them. She smiled at him as he hesitated.

"Doctor huh?", he asked. "You look way too young to be a doctor."

"Thank you.", she replied, "But I am a Ph.D., not a medical doctor."

"So a book smart doctor then?", he asked which she was laughing.

"I guess so. Sometimes I wonder though.", she said as she walked him back to the loading bay.

"Well book smart doctor it is Friday night, and it is still somewhat early. Would you like to go get a drink with me?", he asked.

"Thank you for the offer but.", she started, and he held up his hand.

"I know. You're married.", he said.

"Actually I'm not, but I do have to begin to sort these. I would rather get the drink.", she said with a smile.

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