Bottom of darkness

A city life

Robert is walking at home. His shoes are to wet to go. He called a taxi. After landing in a small car he started to speak with a driver:

- Hey!

- Yes, sir?

- Are you dreaming?

- Yeah...

- Describe your dream, please.

- OK, I want a house in California and a cool car.

- Nothing clever, - Robert gave money to a driver, - Bye!

- Good luck, sir.

Robert Char went upstairs in his house. He opened door and wife screamed at him:

- Hello dumbass! Where were you?

- At office...

- Every day you come home late! I can't stand it!

- I'm working on two works! Why are you screaming?

- Don't come near me crazy!

- You were screaming a lot, and I said about ten words. So I'm crazy?

- No, you're crazy because of your character!

- OK, I'll go to sleep...

-Every day the same, you're...

Robert turned around and went to the bedroom. His head is cracking and his knees are swelling from the water. He's guessing only about suicide. Not noticing the new nightstand Robert bumped into his little finger toes. Now he wanted to die. He fainted.


Nobody was at home, expecting Robert. He was in the same place. His wife's shoes weren't in the hole. He couldn't move! The only left arm could move. The phone was in his pocket, but it was on his right. With great effort, Robert pulled the phone out. He called to the hospital.

- Good evening... Anybody?

- I..., - Robert could say nothing.

In ten minutes Robert Char was in the hospital.

- I see it first, - said old man.

- Me too, - quietly whispered assistant.

- What's going on?! - Robert screamed.

- Tshhhhhh.

- Sorry, - he stood up the bad and tried to go. His muscles fell out of the body and he felt down



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