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Bride of the Ice Dragon

Chapter 1. End of illusion

"He is a murderer! I have seen everything!" Alexa ran to the guards entering the house.

She awkwardly tilted her head to meet the constable's gaze.

"It was Simon who poisoned my father; he added poison to the wine, check the bottle! And he threatens to kill Kevin. Please!"

All day she waited for them to tell them about what she had accidentally overheard. She pretended she doesn't know anything lest Simon suspect something was wrong.

The constable frowned, twisting mouth.

"Mister Young, are you in trouble?" He said through clenched teeth.

"Apparently, yes" The groom suddenly turned out to be near and tore the girl off the ground by the scruff, like a naughty kitten.

"I knew you were listening" He whispered in her ear, and then again turned back to the policemen. "Don't worry, gentlemen. I'll deal with her."

"If she talks, there may be troubles."

Simon sighed dramatically.

"She lost her father. The All-good Mother cursed her with madness. It’s a grief. She just lost her mind. Happens to be with women."

He dragged her to the second floor literally holding her hair and clamping her mouth with one hand so that she doesn’t scream, and with the other, winding her braid around his palm.

He pushed hard, tossing her onto the bed. Alexa fell, losing her balance, and hit the canopy bar.

"Well, I really thought that we could get along" She looked and didn’t recognize the courteous and kind man she was going to marry. "I did it for you. Your father was against our marriage."

"I would have run away with you, but you killed him! And you want to kill Kevin ..." The voice was almost breaking to a scream.

Kevin was Alexa's five-years-old brother. Now he is supposed to be with their mother in a summer house located at the far end of the estate. But are they okay?

The salty taste in the mouth made it difficult to concentrate. Apparently, when she fell, she bit her tongue.

What can she do against a man hanging over her, if he has foreseen everything?

"Run away? Why the hell do I need you without money and a title to your last name?" Simon laughed disgustingly. "You know, I'm even glad that everything is exposed. Now I can stop pretending."

He walked up to her, grabbed her collar, and put her back on her feet forcefully shaking her.

Alexa pressed against the wall to somehow increase the distance between them.

"I'll tell you straight. I need the title of Grand Duke. And I will do anything for this. You are just a means to an end. And if necessary, you will go down the aisle fully breathed with a dream-pollen."

"Do with me whatever you want to. But don't touch Kevin." She felt a lonely tear slide down her cheek.


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