Chapter 1.1: Bullies.

Dayo was running for his serenity. The whole Greenville' students stared at him like he was an alien. He had lose their trust, he was certain of that.

Dayo kept his head down as he ran. Olamide caught up with him, he held his arm, slowing his pace. "Hey. Are you running for an Olympic or something."

Olamide panted slowly since he had to run faster to meet up Dayo's swift pace. Dayo's mind was far beyond what his friend was saying, at that point he was only focusing on avoiding Jasper, his former best friend. If he had to run faster to the classroom then he would.

He grabbed his friend's wrist. "Let just go." He turned towards the direction of the classroom, his legs moving faster than his heartbeat. 


Dayo stopped running when he heard Michael's voice behind him. He turned and saw Michael struggling to walk fast with a pile of books in his hands. He knew he has to wait for Michael to meet up with him. He felt fear creeping into his heart as he waited for Michael. What if Jasper showed up and ambushed him in the hallway?

Michael finally met up with him. He frowned slightly. "You seem to be in a hurry to somewhere. What's wrong?" 

Dayo kept his head down again, avoiding the students' stares. "Nothing. I'm just avoiding someone."

Olamide looked around. "Who? Jasper?"

"Do I just hear my name?" Jasper walked out of a close by classroom.

Dayo's heart dropped when he heard the voice. Just that voice can ruin his whole day even more.

"Oh! Look who we have here, the freaking Dayo!"

As soon as Jasper spoke, two tough looking boys who Dayo once called buddies shoved him into a locker. Dayo's back brutally hit the locker handle, but he held the pain. He won't give Jasper the pleasure of seeing him vulnerable. Never.

Jasper looked at Olamide and Michael and snickered. "I see. The freak got himself some friends."

Jasper's friends snickered with him.

 One of them hit the books in Michael's hands making it scattered on the hallway floor. Then he pushed Michael's shoulder. "This one is a total geek." 

Michael staggered a little and quickly bent to pick his books, but the big boy kicked it away in the process, also hitting Michael's hands. Michael instantly fell on the hard floor. Jasper's friends laughed again at his cruelty. Michael looked like he was on the verge of tears.

"Stop it. Deal with the one you came for." Dayo said, knowing fully well he might get bruised.

Jasper arched a brow and looked at him. "So now you have the courage to tell me what to do? Eh?" The next thing Dayo heard was a swinging sound of Jasper's hand before it hit him hard on the cheek.

The victim felt dazed as the pain of the hit shot through his joint. He wasn't as strong as Jasper and his mean friends. There was no way he could get even with Jasper, not when his asthma had gotten worse.  

Jasper leaned closer, his dark brown eyes flaring. "If you dare to order me again, I'll cut off your disgusting tongue."

He said and shoved his fist into Dayo's lower abdomen. Dayo gasped out and the pain gripped his whole body.  The victim struggled to keep his head up, not wanting to surrender. 

Student's laughter filled the hallway as they have began to gather around. Their nasty whispers cut through Dayo's ear.

I heard he assaulted his best friend's girlfriend.

Who does that?

If I was the girl, I will make his life a living hell.

He deserve this, he looks so innocent but he is evil.

Another nasty rumor. It's crazy how stories change.

Dayo held his stomach and hid his face from the crowd. They despised him. They wanted to see him suffer. He had fail them, he was a disappointment.

Jasper straightened up and walked away. The victim watched as his ex best friend and his ex gang walked towards the classroom. 

Elizabeth A

Edited: 11.02.2021

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