Can I Find Love In Paris?

Still on their hurtful past

Chapter 1

"Finalmente! Ti ho trovato! (Finally! I found you!)" the man beside me said with happiness

I looked at him and a curved was painted on my forehead and I raised my right eye brow because I was being bemused of what he said.

I am here at the mini plaza, sitting on the ground while starring at the imposing Eiffel Tower.

"Good morning passengers, this is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 5J981 to France. We are now inviting those passengers for 5J981 to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready because we will begin in approximately 20 minutes. Thank you!"

I let out a sigh when I sit to my designated seat number. My seat is just near to the window so I have the chance to look at the blue sky that is being touched by the rays of the golden sun. I just pinned my look at the sky for just a minute and heaved a sigh again.

"I wish he will be there waiting for me" I said with hope and tries to calm myself and flipped the pages of the magazine that I am holding

"Hey!" the man beside me said while snapping his fingers in front of my face

I blinked my eyes and thought 'What's wrong with this man?' A thought flashed in my mind and looked at him angrily.

"Stai fissando da nessuna parte! (You're staring at nowhere!)" he said and laughed loudly. And honestly, I hate his laugh.

I just looked at him and raised my right eye brow.

"You don't understand any of my words?" he asked

"I know your language, I understand what you're saying about, but what I don't understand is you feel that we are that 'CLOSE' like duuhh, I don't know your name lad so stop talking to me. I am waiting for someone and can you please sit somewhere because if my boyfriend saw you... that I am talking with someone else... I can't imagine what will be his reaction" I explained and looked at the tower again.

I don't want to entertain strangers!

"Va bene! Addio(Okay bye!)" he said and walked away

I roved my eyes at the entire part of the plaza. I didn't see any traced of him. I looked at my wrist watch and heaved a sigh... again.

"He will come. I know. He will fulfill his promise. I...I can wait" I uttered and tried to laugh- a fake laugh, indeed.

"I love you Lavinia" he said and kissed me passionately and I kissed him back

"I will wait for you" I said and stared directly into his beautiful blue eyes

"I will be back safe and sound for you Lav. Just only for you!" he said and kissed me again

'NASA Astronauts Kendrew Smith, Lance Hurley and Patricia Addison will launch for their mission at the International Space Station for 2 months in their SpaceX Dragon Endeavor spacecraft on...'

I smile while reading the news.

I know you will be back, and I will wait for you no matter what will happen, Kendrew.

"Hey! You're cryin'"

This voice...

I looked at him again with anger.

"W-what? I-I just said that you are crying and still looking at nowhere! So I interrupted you because many people who passed by will look at you and they may think that... that you aaarree" he paused and laughed.

Aahhhh! I hate the way he laughed!

My tears flows faster.

"H-hey! I... I'm just---"

"Can you stop it? Please! Shut your mouth---"

"O-okay. I forgot it! Your boyfriend will be angry if he saw me, right? And I don't want to be---"

"I don't know if he will come!" I shouted at him with anger and pain

"Right! He would not" I continued and burst a laughed like a psycho

The man beside me hugged me, and I just let myself be imprison in his arms and feel the scent of his perfume and feel the warmth of his well-built body.

I don't know why I let myself to be hugged by this total stranger. Maybe he just used this moment to take some advantage to hug some beautiful lady like me.

No! I want to pour this pain out!

I burst my tears down to his chest it's as if he's not a stranger to me at all. And I started to tell him my a not-so-love story with Kendrew.

"When he go back home from space he started being cold.  I thought he's just tired from space travel and he need some rest. But I can't take it anymore so, I tried to ask him if what's wrong but he just said 'nothing'. Then I find out that he had an affair with his co-worker, Patricia- the one who joined the mission in space" I stopped and looked at him. I saw in his eyes that he is interested in my story telling and he gave me a sign to continue telling my story.

"They have a secret relationship for already 3 months. Look at me! I am here waiting for miracle that maybe he will change his mind and heart and tells me that he loves me" I said and let my tears flow down to my cheeks. And again, he just stayed silent for me to continue narrating my heartbreaking story.

"Supposedly, today is our 3rd anniversary. Before I've find out that he had an affair, we've already promised that we will celebrate this moment here  because we've met each other in this place. We want to watch the grand Eiffel Tower at sundown until it will be surrounded with city lights and sheeny stars above. He still gave his word that he will propose to me at here- at Paris, because it is my dream place, and that idea gaves me bedazzlement. But look! No sign of Kendrew!"

He roved his vision looking for a sign of Kendrew it's as if he knew him.

"Nah! It's okay. The day is not yet over. Maybe he will show up later with full of surprises" he said trying to calm me and giving me some hope

I wiped my tears down and trying to fixed myself.

"T-thanks for giving me some hope" I said and tries to smile

"Because I am once there" he said while looking at the shimmering lights of the cars that are passing by

I just stayed silent for him to know that I want to hear his story now.


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