Can't get you out of my mind ( Jk Ff completed )


Y/N P. O. V

"yes mom, I'm coming"
 oh my god I need to hurry. did I forgot anything, no right. Am I seriously leaving aisshh. I went downstairs to meet my parents and my baby boy, I mean my brother waiting for me . I gave each one of them a kiss on their cheeks. I'm gonna miss them so much. yeah! I'm leaving Busan to study in seoul since I've graduated my high school. without realising a tear roll down my cheek. 

"ommo!! don't cry my baby" said my mom and kissed my forehead before hugging me , than my dad and my baby did the same (family hug). 

Though I'm excited since it is my dream to go to seoul and study, I still feel like crying and not leaving my family because they are my everything. After observing my house like 10 minutes ,I wave them goodbye. 

"Thank you God, mom, dad, my baby I've reached my destination" I shouted ignoring other people, who is starring at me with shock expression.
 But hey! I don't give a shit about it. well, since I've come here and I'm 18th years old I really don't wanna depend on my parents anymore but I'm gonna find a job and live my life independently. 
After I found an appropriate house I started to unpack mt things quickly, so that I can go out and search for any job cause I don't wanna stay idle and I alsi need a little bit of shopping for myself. 

As I was strolling down the street, I hear a voice yelling on the phone. 
"How can you quit a job like that, but since your stubborn make sure you contact someone in your replacement"the man yelled. The moment he hung up the phone, I hurried to him.
" Hello!! sir" i said. 
"yes can I help you?" miss he ask. 
"ummm!! my name is y/n and I'm new here and I really need a job and I heard you need someone as a replacement, so I am thinking if you could please offer this job to me. I can assure you I won't disappoint you" I said.
well! I'm not good in communicating with people. you know I'm not a social butterfly. 

"oh sure, I really need someone,come in" he said. I was damn happy like, it is my first day yet I got a job . I enter the cafe behind him. 
"hey! Mina come here" he calls one of the worker I guess. 
"oh! by the way, my name is Kim woobin, I am the manager of this cafe" he said stretching his hand forward. we shake our hands. 

A girl came running to us, who I suppose is Mina. 
"yes sir, what is it?" she ask. 
"oh meet y/n, she's new here and she'll be working with us, so please take her and show her work" Mr woobin said. 
"Hi! my name is choi Mina, come follow me" Before I could say anything, she dragged me to a counter.
" let's be friends y/n" she said to which I smile and nod my head. 
"since its your first day and we don't have much work, you just stay here and watch how we do alright"she said. 
"ok" I replied. she is cute and friendly I thought. 
After few minutes , the cafe closed and I wave goodbye to Mina and did some shopping on my way. the moment I reach my home I flopped down my bed though it was a bit early for me to sleep. but I'll be going to class and I'm a very lazy girl when it comes to waking up and I'm afraid I might get late on the first day itself. 

Park Christian

Edited: 25.01.2021

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