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01_Introduction #1 Nora

My name is Lenora Ryne, number one female best pop star. I'm 23 and the most beautiful woman on the planet, ever since three years.


I'm the only child to my parents. My dad is of late and my mom, Christina Ryne is a super busy business tycoon. She travels regularly but she always has time to come back home.


I've got everything you will ever need;- money, wealth, a loving mom, maids that do everything I order, bodyguards to risk their low lives for mine, fame, popularity, a perfect voice, great talent, name it... I am what you wish to be, a household name.


I also have the most adorable thing any lady will kill to have, Ryan.


He's my super cute boyfriend who's been ranked too as world's most handsome. He's a pop star too and has a very huge fan base compared to mine. He's world's most followed on IG, Twitter and Facebook.


Despite him being very calm and and keeping a hyper private life, everyone still tries digging into his personal life....




Here I am, sitting before my wonderful mirror with glittering bulbs round its corners.


My make-up, hairs and nails were been done by various people who are professionals in the different fields.


So I just sat on my pink director's chair as a statue and faced my mirror in all smiles.

"You will be on set in five." My manager said and walked closer to me.


The look I saw on his face as he gazed through the mirror, already hinted me on what he was about to say.

"You look beautiful, Nora." He said, just as I had anticipated. I smiled as my usual response.

"Where is the dress you will be putting on?" He asked me.


It's ironic sitting here getting all made up for a fashion commercial and I am asked on what to wear.


As funny as it may sound, the dumb words which sounded as pure gibberish in my ears, got me upset already. The anger which was a normal thing as he shifted backwards.


"Didn't they send the dress already?" I asked and everyone there shook their heads in disapproval. 

"Very well then." I concluded making fast but swift steps to the dress stand there where my beautiful dress was.


It was my simple partially flared gown that went about 5inches below my hip level. It is a handless black gown. 


"You can't leave when you have to stream a live commercial." My manager said reaching out to stop me and I turned to face the old man.

"I won't do it. The dress meant for the commercial is late. It is not even around." I scoffed loudly, taking off my white long jacket exposing my smooth, perfect and slim body.


If there be a different but better word for perfect, then it would be great cause I was more than perfect for myself. Funny enough, my perfect me is just natural. I fit perfectly in dresses as my hips somehow come out. That is why I always did my fashion shoots for High School Magazine and Perfect Skin.

"Please don't do this." My manager pleaded but it all fell on deaf ears. I just rolled my eyes and zipped my dress.

"I already did." I answered him, picked my phone's and walked out of the building.


I cared less of the shoot and the implications of what I just did. I also cared less of my manager. He's just a manager, nothing more. I walked out of the building to where my Lexus, LC 500, was parked.

"Miss Nora! Miss Nora please." A voice called my name and I turned.

"The outfit for the shoot was brought."

"They are pleading you come back. It had a slight delay." He added. I turned back to my car and entered inside. I signaled my driver to come so I could pass across an information.

"Tell them to put the shoot for tomorrow." I ordered icily and whined back my window. He did as I instructed and got into the driver's seat. He drove off as soon as he entered.

"Take me to my Penthouse." I ordered. I am so stressed so I took a sip from my wine glass. 

I am Lenora Ryne, popularly known as Nora. I'm a star, a celebrity, an idol. I have rules which are meant to be followed. I don't follow rules, I make them, I am the rule-.

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Edited: 28.02.2021

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