Ceo's Rented Love

1. Camille

Camille's POV


"Excuse me, can you tell me Andrea Cavil's room number?" I asked the woman working at the reception of the hospital.

"One second please," the woman said and checked her computer

"Of course," I said.

"she is in room 245 on the third floor, " she said and smiled at me.

"Thank you so much," I said then rushed to the third floor and suddenly I bumped into someone and almost fell to the floor but someone caught me, I opened my eyes and saw a man with green eyes, brown hair, I took a breath then backed away.

"I'm so sorry are you okay ?" I asked and looked at him and his face seemed familiar.

"I'm the one who should be asking that but yeah I'm fine... you?" the stranger asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine thank you," I answered .

"You should pay more attention..." He said and held out his hand.

"Camille, Cami my name is Cami, " I said and shook his hand.

"it's very nice to meet you Cami, I'm Elijah, " he said then continued "I don't want to sound rude but what makes you run like a chicken who lost her head?"

"oh, it's just my mother is... OH MY GOD, MY MOTHER, " I remembered my mother and started running to her room again "Sorry Elijah, " I said.

"See you later Cami," He said .

I opened the door and saw my mother on the bed with my brother by her side and there was also a doctor in the room, I rushed to my mother's side and took her hand.

"Mom, are you okay? " I said and felt my eyes water.

"I'm okay honey, your brother is just making such a big deal of it, " She said and immediately started coughing after.

"big deal, Mom you literally..." I raised a hand and Evan immediately stopped talking, I looked at the doctor.

"Is my mother okay, doctor?" I asked and the doctor immediately answered "miss Cavil can we talk outside, please"

we got outside the room and the doctor started talking "miss cavill, I don't know how to say that... but your mother needs to do two operations, the first one is for her heart and the other one is for her spine, and of course we are going to have to wait between the two operations but as for right now we need to make the heart operation as soon as possible, "

"of course, of course, and what do they cost? " I asked.

"300,000 thousand dollars," the doctor said and my mind stopped working immediately, how am I supposed to get 300,000 thousand dollars.

"I'll give you your time, " the doctor said and went away and I got out of the hospital and started walking.

"From where will I get 300,000 thousand dollars, god if I sell everything I have I won't even get a little bit of the money, god what am I gonna do, "

I sat on a bench and put my face in my hands .

then suddenly I heard someone "I might be able to help you, "

I looked up and said "ME?" The woman was in her late 40's brown hair blue eyes and she is obviously rich.

"Uh-huh," the woman answered .

"Why and how ?" I asked .

"it's easy, all I need you to do is go work for my husband's nephew and make him fall in love with you and then leave on the wedding night like you were never even in his life, " the woman explained.

"This is madness, I don't even know you, " I said and walked away.

"and in return, I will give you 400,000 thousand dollars, " the woman shouted.

I stopped dead in my tracks and said "400,000 thousand dollars, "

I turned and looked at her and asked "you really will give me this money?"

"yes, and all you have to do is work as his personal assistant, make him fall in love with you, then pof disappear from his life, easy right?" the woman explained.

"so miss..." and the woman answered "Jennifer, "

"so miss Jennifer when do I start ?" I asked .

"you can start tomorrow but we have to make some upgrades on your style of dressing and your hair," she said.

"Why what's wrong with my style?" I asked.

"sweet pie you'll be working for Elijah Reeve, so you have to be on your most amazing appearance, " she said and pulled me to a car.

we ended up in a boutique and I was gazing at myself in the mirror, I looked at my curly red hair my casual clothes and boots, then Jennifer came back with a bunch of dresses and heels in her hands and she pushed me to the changing room.

after trying them all and suffering from heels we went to the hair salon and they made my hair straighter and a little bit shorter.

I went back home and I passed out on the bed immediately.

I heard the alarm go on, I stopped it then looked at the clock it was 7:25 and I closed my eyes again, then I fell off the bed and screamed "it's 7:25, I'll be late, "

I went down and found Elijah's private driver, I hopped in the car and looked at his driver he is in his mid 50's and if I remember his name is..."good morning uncle Charlie, "

"good morning miss cavil, " he answered.

"please call me Cami, " I said as he took off.

"so uncle Charlie, what is Mr. Reeve like?" I asked as I was checking the list of the things I should do and have while with Elijah.

"he is... he is a good person but he has been through a lot especially after his little sister has been suffering from their mother's death, " he said and I looked up and I felt sad for them.

"How old is she ?" I asked .

"12 years old," he answered .

"It must have been hard for them both," I said.

"Yeah," Uncle Charlie agreed.

we reached the company, it's called el restos, it's a company that makes the most elegant dresses and clothes in America, and it has another branch in Italy, I headed inside and went to make Elijah's coffee then I head to his office to find him with his best friend Sam, but I froze as soon as I focused on him, he is the same Elijah I met at the hospital.

"Cami?" Elijah asked.

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