Chameleon Cocoon

Chameleon Cocoon

Ramy Randy was born into an orthodox Hindu family in, Pune India. She was the last child. Randy was the fifth child of her family& pet of her father, her siblings were much older than her. Her father was a Military Doctor. Not caring much of the world, Ramy Randy grew up in a beautiful woman chameleon cocoon.

Why this name CHAMELEON COCOON, As Ramy randy was tomboy grew up mostly in Indian Military campus, But was tail of her father. Her father was a Doctor who had to roam around to treat the patient. Ramy randy was a pet and pampered child of the father. Because before her,  a son had passed away by sitting on hot Tawa, Mother had not noticed while cooking, she kept Tawa on the side. The child crawled and sat without knowing(as Indian kitchen 1960 were always down, burning log wood stove or kerosene stove). Due to severe burns, a 9months child passed away.

Ramy Randy's mother went into severe depression and was half paralyzed. The psychiatrist advised to distract, give birth to another child. That is how Ramy randy was born. All siblings were 12yrs or 10yrs elder, Ramy Randy's smallest and bulliest.

No one observed her nature, all were busiest enough in their own world. Ramy Randy's mother passed away when she was 13yrs. She was raised by her elder sister who was 14yrs elder than her. Unfortunately, the elder sister was married off and sent to inlaws.

Now Ramy Randy and her father and 2 elder brothers were left. Ramy Randy was studying, this was the 1st phase. Ramy randy's father decided to bring Daughter in law to handle the household and Ramy Randy. The daughter in law was subtle and was handling Ramy randy. Ramy Randy started complaining to her father irreverent about his daughters-in-law. Father took it lightly thinking she was little will not understand.

Ramy randy started satan whispering. Father believing Ramy Randy broke ties with elder son and daughter-in-law. Ramy Randy camouflaged being good in front of Dad but turned virtuously planning evil against elder siblings.

Ramy Randy portraited Elder's sibling as an oppressor, Ramy Randy being a victim.

Ramy Randy enjoyed the day-to-day fights with her father and elder siblings. The twilight saga showed the rest of the world. As Ramy Randy good child but abused by Elder siblings.

To end this Ramy Randy's father thought of Marring her off to Far Cousin, but the ties did not work out. Ramy Randy's to be the nicest child, made father worried. He decided to move out of this monotonous world. To a remote religious Ashram. Thinking Ramy randy will be safe and protected.

Ramy Randy's old tactics did not work. She took a new turn, saying Ashram's head has notoriously eye on her. The new twist made everyone in the ashram to rethink. Ramy Randy glorious feeling proud of herself colorblind everyone with overthinking whether to keep her not.

Her victory was for a while, head of the ashram came with an offer telling Ramy Randy to be a spinster saint or marry and get settled. Again Ramy Randy's father was in dilemma. He went around in reach of a suitable suitor for her. Till them, Ramy Randy's evil nature became the talk of the town.

Suitors rejected. Randy's father fell ill and passed away. Because of Ramy Randy's nature, and even Elder siblings were not much interested to take her with them fearing their life will be in a dilemma.

A far relative who visited her father's funeral, not knowing much about Ramy Randy, fell trap of good-wrapped story.  He thought to help her marry a good suitor, he somehow managed found a relative boy, silk stocking. Hearing this.

Ramy Randy,s thoughts wandered, she got a new puppet for playing emotionally. She married him by filming herself pitiful and poor good looking women. Listening to her story even the bridegroom's family accepted her despite knowing her evil nature. Thinking she will change after marriage. Oh!!! what a fateful future of that bridegroom's family.

As usually Ramy Randy in starting of her married life, portraited herself as a good character woman. Slowly she started to target her-in-laws but was not successful. She came to know that her husband is attached to his younger brother and elder sister. She brainwashed her husband when he used to phone her to know about her whereabouts. He used to be outstation due to work, saying his brother is not supporting her. She is alone cooking and going to work.  They are simply blaming her and running to elder sister's house, snatching her salary for bus charge or train charge. Even sometimes sold her gold jewelry, when she was off to work.

Her husband turned violent hearing this, after returning back from work. He started quarreling with his younger brothers, even those fights turned so sour that blood baths dripped. Ramy Randy's heart turned to blossom seeing all this but still hold her good character portrait. Despite younger brothers and sister's insisting on her husband she was framing him. He did not listen to them.

The large family broke into fragments in two years of marriage, she steeped him so much. Their property was disputed and disturbed among them. Still, she was not contented. As they separated, she wanted a new target. The poor husband being to be targeted. Her husband learned to drink alcohol before marriage but was very limited. He would have left, day to day negativity made him dosed to continue.

This matter became a new topic to Randy plus she added his earning was less not enough to run family, Now they had a small girl baby.  Her husband realized her nature was so obligate, watching his young little daughter. He pushed himself. Ramy randy never got tried for evil plans to bring fights between her husband sibling, and victimize herself as abused.

She barged him mentally tourchered him. He could not take it emotionally he drained became sick and got bedridden. Randy did a part-time job to support a family. But she continued to downside her husband, disproving his health was bad to earn. Still, Ramy Randy's daughter was growing up. Slowly she poisoned her daughter's mind telling her father was drunkard and not earning enough money.


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