Cherished Hatred


The moonlight falls upon the sky just like that everyone came to acknowledge it. The seduction of night evoked desires and admiration for it. The silver luminance is the same as the allure for gold. Full moon, no less than a blessing that gives intense power and benediction to those beasts that lurk in the darkness. 

Just like that, An Alpha, being enticed by it allows herself to submerge in the compelling beauty. Her raven hairs dyed blue at the edges are swaying along wind. She looked at the moon, with her bi-coloured eyes, blue for left and gray for right. With her bewitching looks, she looked at the fascinating luna. She continued to allow herself to be held captive by the beauty of the moon. 

Alpha Lucille of the Sapphire Goddess pack, As fiery as her pack, she received lulls from the night because it made her not just to forget about the menace residing in her but to make her realize who she is and help her embrace her own self. The woman with a dominating personality and a cold heart enhanced by layers of ego was also melted by it and the sound of howling gave more serenity. 

Even in that alluring night, she is not tempted by the desire of having a mate as she indulges herself in solitude.


At the same time on a far off land, someone was also fancying the moon. Just that, he was sitting on top of a pile of bodies surrounded by the fresh blood splattered everywhere and that was created by him. Considering the batch of different species as ‘food’, he began to laugh hysterically as the smell of death filled his nostrils, pleasing him more than anything. Licking his blood stained lips and deluging in the pleasure of gore, he looked around to find any source of life- which obviously wasn’t. 

Alpha Leonel of the Blood Moon pack. As much of a lunatic and bloodthirsty monster he is, He treasures his pack and is willing to do anything for them, either save or take one’s life. Not just that, his pitch-black hairs that fall on his face, those unnatural golden eyes are enough to hold any woman captive in them. Even being an untamed animal, he can easily sway any woman by the snap of his finger but he finds more rapture in drowning in himself in blood. 

But, In the possession of good fortune and power, he just needs a mate for the prosperity of his pack to complete his hollowness and eradicate the curse given to him by Moon Goddess. 

And to be honest, instead of depending on the choice of Moon Goddess, he prefers someone who can bear his insane personality and lethal nature, not someone who’ll be intimidated and bend its knees before him. He wants someone he breaks himself gradually and painfully, not someone who is already shattered- what’s the fun in that? Even after that, he has no choice but to obey the law of nature and wait patiently for his mate. 


Back to Alpha Lucille who was so engrossed in adorning the moon. But her moment was ruined when Stacy; her beta came panting. 

“Alpha!” She called. The Alpha turned her head as her void gaze met hers.

“Nancy came back, Amber Pack broke the alliance and is initiating a war.” Stella, her other beta regained her posture and asked,

“Your Orders?” A pernicious smirk appeared on the corner of Alpha’s lips. She stood up from her place and walked past with the only order,

“Assemble everyone.” Even looking calm from outside, she was boiling with anger and wanted to behead the betrayer who dared to outwit her sinister mind. Her bones tingled with the urges to tear his apart and paint the walls of her territory with his blood. 

They all are in the hall of their enormous mansion. When everyone came, the Alpha began to say,

“As you know Amber broke the alliance and initiated a war. Now, when they are begging for a tormenting end, we must give it to them.” She announced earning cheers from her pack. Her pack consists of females. Other packs used consider them weak but showing their raging fire they are now the most feared in the land of Lustre. 

“And one more thing, this war will be led by me.” Too much to her Zetas; Oliver and Henna astonishment.

“But this isn’t much of a big deal.” Henna tried to reason. Alpha spare a glance at her and said,

“The annihilation of that betrayer’s pack will be done under my command.” She declared and they nodded as they began to discuss the strategies of the war.




The Full Moon was covered with clouds but it was arousing every werewolf and under that moon Sapphire Goddesses stood steady for their attack. Their pack is divided into four parties. 

First the Alpha Lucille’s which is the main force that will take their opponents head on.

Second was Beta Stacy’s which is on the left side.

Third was her third-in-command Stella’s which is on the right side. 

The last one is on the top of the mountain Qamar, it consists of Pups and other weak members. They also have to join as they need experience and need to grow strong. Although they are here on standby in case of an unexpected situation.

On the land of Lustre, Alpha Lucille was considered as the most clever strategist with an ingenious mind and the army led by her is sure to win.

Soon, the forces of their enemy can be seen as  they all shift.

Lucille was a White wolf with the eyes same as her human form. A howl from their Alpha encouraged them as they were filled with the desire to wreak havoc. 

ADVANCE!! And they advance before their leader. 

A fierce battle took place and the main forces were slightly outnumbered but Lucille had it done as she stopped and let out a howl as the second and third party came surrounding them. Amber packs lost their posture and Sapphire Goddess took advantage of them.

To Lucille her strategy is quite simple as she anticipated that her opponent is a brawny and thought of crushing her with raw power. But she knows that's not it, he also has other plans too, he knows that he can never take her head on and she is patiently waiting for them to show what they are hiding.

Failia Baighaan

#267 in Romance
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Story about: werewolf, hatred, dark romance

Edited: 04.03.2021

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