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Child's mischief

Child's mischief

This day everyone dreamed the same thing.

As if in a book about science fiction, everyone saw exactly the same dream, which then turned into reality...

It was a small young planet that was populated relatively recently. By the standards of the universe. Just a couple of hundred years ago, the first man stepped here.

It doesn't matter what the planet was called. Only the events that took place on it are important.

No oddities happened on this planet. Nothing unusual. Nothing at all. Except for this night.

So, everyone had the same dream. It's just darkness. And in the dark there is a voice. Asks:

"I can fulfil your dreams. What do you want to become? What abilities do you want to have? Just tell me, and I will do whatever you want now. But not too much, I'm not good at counting..."

The voice was childish. Plus, it's just a dream, after all... Who takes such dreams seriously? And people told their desires. Someone wanted to become a superhero, someone a rich man, someone to know a lot, someone else.

When the inhabitants of the planet woke up in the morning, they were in for a surprise. Desires were fulfilled. But not in the same way as in children's instructive fairy tales, normal. The way we really wanted. Desires just came true and that's it, without any dirty tricks. Each person got what they wanted.

Desires were very diverse. Everyone who went outside in the morning could be convinced of this. A bearded salesman stood at the bookstore and took out books from any row, without leaving the place, stretching out his arms as if they were rubber. The butler opened the doors to the visitors with the power of his mind. The janitor poured water on the sidewalks from his own hands.

These were such useful desires. And so correctly performed ... Everyone had fun. People laughed and showed each other what they can do.

Only one person walked alone along the street, hiding his head in a high collar. Nobody paid any attention to him. But he looked at every "super-human" he met.

"How long will you continue to have fun?" the passerby thought. "Tomorrow, or even by the evening, you will understand that you have requested too little. You will see that some of you thought to make a serious wish, did not joke. And then the war will begin..."

He walked carefully, avoiding large crowds of people. He walked and walked, did not turn around. He went further and further from the city and did not get tired of walking.

He always dreamed of being someone significant, dreamed of being noticed by others, dreamed of being appreciated. He always dreamed that all his wishes would come true...

#1677 in Fantasy
#400 in Short stories

Story about: gods, other worlds, philosophy

Edited: 13.04.2021

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