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Colourland Series 5: Matches


Chapter 7

The Evening At The Tournament


Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with Easeion.


" So, Easeion as you know Crayon is fighting next " said King Bobby.

" You fought against Warbler but now we are on the same side "

" Yes, I will diss Crayon during the match " said Easeion. " I will fuck with him good so good "

" Hahahaha "

" We need him to lose, I don't know about Electro as a fighter " said King Bobby. " Me, Challenger and Colour King are stronger than Crayon so Electro should have a shot "

" Electro believes Challenger to be a dick " said Easeion.

" Electro's victory will be important " said King Bobby.

" Yeah, Crayon will look so sad and useless which is the way I want him " said Easeion.

" Crayon will feel worthless , I will be smiling like the rest of the Bear "

" I want him feeling terrible, I want him to feel ashamed of himself "

" There is something I like about that "

" Well, we do need him to stay away from Warbler " said King Bobby.

" If that makes him do that, then that is good "

" Yes " said Easeion.

" I will be going " said King Bobby.

" See you later "


Electro and Oceanoke were together.


" Challenger's a dick " said Electro.

" Crayon will defend him which is not right honestly "

" It annoys me "

" Perhaps Crayon is not aware of what is happening in Colourland " said Oceanoke.

" That must be why "

" Crayon is a guy that never understood Colour King and what he did " said Electro.

" Colour King was not a dick "

" He understood Colourlandish people very well and he wanted them to not commit crimes against the country "

" Yeah, Colour King is great " said Oceanoke.

" He is a great leader "

" I am winning my fight tomorrow " said Electro. " The confidence is through the roof now "

" Good " said Oceanoke.

" Crayon must fall down and look not like a hero "

" If he was a hero, he would find Challenger to be a dick " said Electro.

" So, he isn't one "

" True, he is not one " said Oceanoke.

" I hope more Colourlandish see that he isn't one "

" I believe that they will " said Electro.


Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were together in the hotel.


" Crayon is going to look like a moron " said Xax.

" I am going to diss him during the fight " said Easeion.

" Electro is going to win " said Xax.

" We are united in our disdain for Crayon now "

" We will all be living it up and enjoying ourselves "

" Crayon will be a sad motherfucker " said Easeion.

" I do not want him to feel any joy in this tournament, his joy must be destroyed "

" As a Smithson, I will get revenge "

" Brett, Bill and Tara are counting on me so much "

" I will not let them down "

" This alliance will guarantee that " said Xax.

" Not to mention our skills "

" Yes, we are too strong " said Easeion.

" Hahahahaha " they both said.


Challenger was confronted by Blackin.


" So Challenger, you will go down " said Blackin.

" My love for Blackina is a love that cannot ever stop, I have a special desire "

" This desire is so strong "

" We'll see about that " said Challenger.

" I love Blackina so much, my love for her beautiful body will guide me to victory "

" It gives me so much power, my techniques are stronger due to that kind of loving "

" I know how to love Blackina "

" Her body ? " asked Challenger.

" I am confused here "

" Yes, you have seen her body for yourself " said Blackin.

" It is a great body, so great "

" Yes, I have " said Challenger.

" I just don't see how her body will change that "

" It doesn't add up "

" You will see for yourself " said Blackin. " Her body does so much, you will understand her body and what it will do "

" She will win her next fight "

" Challenger, you will see it for yourself "

" We will see " said Challenger.


Blackin then left towards where Blackina and Whites were and they were talking.


" Electro vs Crayon will be very interesting " said Whites.

" Easeion has promised to diss Crayon during the fight "

" We will get to see if Crayon deals with that well or not " said Blackina.

" I hope that he doesn't for our sake "

" I hope he doesn't " said Whites.

" It is better for Crayon to feel less good "

" Yeah, that would be perfect " said Blackina.

" Crayon's downfall will be good for the Bear " said Blackin.

" I will win this for Blackina "

" My cousin will do this " said Whites.

" Easeion will get to Crayon and make him screw up really bad "

" Yes, I do think he will " said Blackin.

" Hahahahaha " they all said.


Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were together with Grackle and Dove.


" Electro will be a good opponent to fight " said Crayon.

" I am ready "

" You will give him a nice asskicking, bakers want that from you " said Artby.

" I have given some good asskickings for baking, baking is very important "

" Baking is so important to a baker, bakers are very important for fighting "

" Fighting ? " asked Colourea.


" Baking is so important when I fight " said Artby.

" Bakers know that they are very important "


They do ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, they know that they are well admired for baking, customers get it " said Artby.


" Customers understand what it means to buy bread, they never ever forget that "

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