Colourland Series 6: Finals



Chapter 25
The Championship Fight: Colour King vs Challenger

Everyone woke up and got ready and headed downstairs.

Fighters were talking.

" This is my time " said Colour King.
" The people are watching this fight, they will love my victory "
" It will be a truly Colourlandish victory "
" Colourland needs the most Colourlandish person in the world running their country "
" Bakers are with Challenger " said Artby.
" They help our mouths and in fights so much "
" Bread will continue to help us "
" I love bakers "
" Bakers can be with him, but he will go down in flames " said Colour King.
" My power cannot be stopped "
" My attacks are the best in Colourland "
" I will fight hard in this battle for Colourland " said Challenger.
" Colour King's laws are not good for the country "
" You must not be very Colourlandish to think that " said Colour King.
" My laws are so Colourlandish, Colourlandish people want them there for obeying "
" When you obey laws like this, you are Colourlandish "
" I understand that the gangs are a problem but it isn't just  b  it's n a nthat " said Challenger.
" Well, yes the gangs are an issue but we need to make sure that Numerians are not committing more crimes than Colourlandish people " said Colour King.
" We do not want Numerians going around committing these crimes "
" We also want more resources in Colourland "
" Your refusal for these wars is not acceptable and never will be "
" There is no guarantee that someone from Colourland will die in the war "
" There may not be a guarantee but it is a strong possibility " said Crayon.
" I will not support these wars "
" If King Bobby wants to invade that is his choice but I will not fight "
" You wonder why I call you a fake hero saying shit like that " said Colour King.
" These islanders do nothing for Colourland, these resources can be used to help Colourland "
" That is not very Colourlandish "
" We must stay Colourlandish, Crayon has not understood what is right for the country "
" He does know " said Colourea.
" He doesn't, you just say that because you are with him " said Colour King.
" Crayon's no hero "
" Everyone in Colourland knows he's not heroic "
" He stopped the Bear " said Colouruke.
" You talk about gangs being a serious problem but you don't talk about that "
" I was not around, I would have dealt with them " said Colour King.
" I have said that before, I know what Colourland needs "
" Challenger will be defeated today and the whole country will celebrate his defeat "
" I love the people "
" The people want these wars to happen "
" I think not, the people want bakers to buy bread from " said Artby.
" The people need their mouths to be improved "
" Baking has changed my mouth, why can't baking change other people's mouths "
" Bakers use their baking to show their affection for our mouths, bakers love my mouth "
" Uh, okay " said Warbler.
" Warbler, bakers love you as a customer " said Artby.
" I know that you enjoy bread "
" Yes, but this talk about loving our mouths is just something else " said Warbler.
" Baking makes tasty bread "
" Has Allie noticed any change with your mouth thanks to baking ? " asked Artby.
" Bread is how a baker shows affection for the mouth "
" Bakers show affection for our mouths a lot "
" Uh, not that I would know of " said Warbler.
" I am glad you enjoy bread but there is nothing like that going on "
" I do love Allie a lot, I must think what will happen for us next "
" You two will stay in the castle " said Colour King.
" King Bobby wants that, he has cared so much about you, Warbler "
" Crayon will be out of your life after this tournament "
" No Crayon in your life will be what the king wants "
" Yeah, well Warbler will make the decision " said Crayon.
" He will and he's choosing the castle " said Colour King.
" Warbler will get money from the king "
" He will be eating better "
" He must be not around Crayon "
" Warbler enjoys hanging out with us, but if he chooses the castle we will accept that " said Colouruke.
" He will go to the castle, he will fight in the war " said Colour King.
" He will experience war, which is what Bird's Isle has wanted "
" Not to mention all the advisors and especially his brother Blackburnian "
" Blackburnian has always wanted him fighting with him "
" Crayon has tried to get in the way which is why the king has not liked him "

Everyone had breakfast which they enjoyed.

Time continued to pass, Warbler was talking with Crayon.

" Challenger must win " said Warbler.
" The castle looks great but the king has gone so far "
" He sure has " said Crayon.
" Challenger has tons of power, he will defeat Colour King "
" I don't want to fight in these wars but my brother wants me to fight " said Warbler.
" It is hard "
" I imagine it would be " said Crayon.
" We are with you, Warbler "
" Thanks " said Warbler.
" Challenger must take him down "
" Well, we will watch the fight " said Crayon.
" It will be an amazing one "

Time continued to pass, Challenger and Colour King were talking ten minutes away from the start of the fight.

" This is it, my chance for  Colourland is here " said Colour King.
" Colourland deserves the most Colourlandish person ever ruling it "
" Colourlandish people must stay Colourlandish forever "
" They have already done that " said Challenger.
" You have not created the laws that I have " said Colour King.
" My laws are extremely Colourlandish, the people need them "
" Numerians need these laws so they can stop committing crimes "
" Numerians must not join gangs, that is not Colourlandish "
" Colourlandish people should not either ? " asked Challenger.
" Well yes, but there is an issue with these crimes from a Numerian " said Colour King.
" I will bring these Colourlandish laws back to Colourland "
" These laws must return for the people "
" I love the people "
" Well, you have to take me down " said Challenger.
" I will give it everything I have "
" You will be defeated, the people will celebrate " said Colour King.
" They love my opinion "
" My opinion must be in Colourland, the nation needs it "


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