After the loss of his wife, Kalil Sabagh was devastated, he decides to fulfil the monarchy's wish; commit once and for all to Alina Menen, his childhood friend. His heart hurts every day that passes, his memories are a storm for him, even if everything yells at him to turn the page, his unbridled way of feeling Saravi on his skin is pushing him to the limit.

On the other hand, for Saravi Eljal, now Nahid official citizen of Yomal, her life is taking a positive course, even though her memory does not record any events of the past, the fact of being rescued seems to her, the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Omer Bozkurt, king of Yomal, now hopelessly in love with Saravi, feels that this blow of fate has taken his breath away and in his opinion with a bright future ahead of him. Now that this act of luck has come to him, he's sure that nothing and no one will take happiness away from him.

But the situation becomes complex, so much, that everything will result in a struggle for Conquest.

Who will conquer?


"Remembering is easy for those who have memory, forgetting the difficult one for those who have a heart."









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Maria Pulido (MajoNissi)

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