Contract Wife or Childhood Love




I woke up from my unconsciousness.

"It's been exact three hours since I got here still I don't know where I am.", I thought within myself as I managed to detect the time from the broken glass of my watch.

Pulling myself together, I strived to find my way out but I'm unable to do it. It's so dark here. I wish I could call mommy, she'll be worried about me. Pondering about this, I remembered today's incident as a baby shriek reached my ears.

"Listen girl, stop crying or else I'll make you voiceless.", I heard.

Kayu... I mumbled her name. She was with me during the abduction. We were playing like everyday in the children's park and all of a sudden they came to us and... and I blacked out. I let out a deep sigh as I don't know what happened next. For now I need to go to her but how will I reach her? I can't see a thing. The next moment idea popped up in my brain.

"You can follow the sound Samar.", My inner voice told me. Kayra's screeches made it cakewalk for me.

While sensing the things in background I stood up and followed the sound, touching gently everything so that I don't stumble. I took tiny steps towards her yet find nothing but a irregular surface around me. There must be a exit and I have to find it. I circled around the space comfortably as find nothing in my way and here it is. I sensed a wooden window beneath my hand. Striving to open it, I shoved it but all in vain. I guess it is stucked.

"God, help me to save Kayu please!", I muttered while finding something to shove the window. At a time I couldn't hear Kayra's cries.

"Why did she stop crying?", I grabbed whatever came in my fist, jolted the stucked window and came out.

"Kayu... Where are you? I'm coming to you, don't be scared. okay!", Moving in a particular direction, I screamed. Before I could proceed further, some men in their 30's wearing all black approached me. I can resemble some of them from today's incident.


"Kayu, don't cry. I'm here, no?", I strived to wipe off her tears as I was confined in their grip. There is nothing I could do instead of consoling her. Although I'm just 15, I was always a big boy to her. Maybe she is right, my mommy always tells me that I'm way more quick-witted than others of my age. I guess, age is just a number in my case. Nonetheless, above all this I'm just yearning for some ideas that can take us out from this shitty place. These miscreants have vowed to frighten my Kayu.

"Just stop blabbering, you little brat. You both... you won't be able to escape from here. Let's just stop this word game and do some real action.", The man who was behaving like their boss passed a smirk to us. I'm getting negative vibes now. Kayra strived to conceal herself behind my shoulder as her eyes caught a sight of his smirking face. I turned to her abruptly, cupping her chubby cheeks which have turned red due to continues cries.

"Sam... They're bad. They... They want to hurt us.", She barely stammered. I want to punish these bad men. How can they make my Kayu like this! She is such a sweet girl. Everyone loves her.  

"Kayu, I promise I'll protect you and I'll punish them.", I connect my eyes intensely with hers to bind my words. I know it's not the situation to lie about these things but the promise I made to her is bound with my determination, my heart and my soul. Until she is able to protect herself, I will protect her. I'll have her back till eternity.





Neha Barnwal

Edited: 19.09.2021

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