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Curse of Seven Witches

Chapter 1

     The story about witches were always accompanied by ominous events and violent executions against them. If we are going to look back in our history, people are killing people without proof, branding them with dirty names and calling them villains. But… What are we going to do if all we have done is to remove the people who actually protect us from evil? And as their revenge for humanity's foolish manner, a five hundred year old curse will have to take place in our modern society.


     Let us go back to the past where the heat of witch hunts began. In a certain alley in Zurich, Switzerland, two women were briskly walking while clenching their veils on one hand and lifting a heavy basket on the other. They spent half an hour buying everything they needed, food and supplies for seven people. They stopped at a tailor shop that is also acting as their home. Before entering, the woman with a black veil knocked three times, then the door suddenly opened. The five women that’s quietly waiting for the two are standing, patiently waiting for the news.


     “What’s happening?” Olivia, the girl with red eyes, was almost shivering. “I don’t understand! We are not bad… We are actually entities that help them from the shadows!”


     Charlotte took off her black veil before she started to speak. “I don’t know what’s the main reason for all of this. But one thing is for sure, their religion is supporting this purge so we don’t know how we can escape from this.” Her brown eyes seem natural on humans so she can mingle with mortals and acts as a representative and owner of the tailor shop.


     “We are done if those knights or people from this town will see us!” Evelyn’s blue eyes were almost glistening when tears started to shed from her eyes.


     Abigail immediately signaled her friends to be quiet. “Lower your voices. The walls have ears. We don’t know if someone is actually eavesdropping on us right now.” Her golden eyes are also flickering like the light on the candle.


     Layla is grimacing on a corner but decided to speak when all of them became silent. “We should pack our things in case of emergency, right? For them, the seven of us were just strangers who decided to reside here. I’m sure we are the ones that they will burn first!” Her eyes were colored grey. And if the people from that town started to call them names and be labeled as witches; Olivia, Evelyn, Abigail and Layla will definitely die because of their unusual eyes.


     “Will you please calm down, Layla? You’re inflicting fear on our sisters!” Grace’s voice is almost shaking the entire house, leaving them in silence again.


     “Being prepared is nice too. But for now, we have to plan our escape and destination. The people will definitely question us if we decide to move in a rush. For now, Let’s eat our supper, then we can talk again.” Nora started to use her magic to elevate the utensils, plates and cup to everyone’s designated seat.


     “Sure. I’m starving already. I need to eat something to think!” Olivia set off the fire on the stove and started to fetch the corn soup out of the pot. Their dinner will be bread, cheese and a bowl of soup. They are earning the right amount of money for the seven of them but they also didn’t want to spend lavishly.


     The other women decided to sit and wait patiently for the soup. All of them can use levitation magic so Olivia will just have to pour the soup in a bowl then it will immediately fly to one of her sister’s plates. Within a minute, all of them have their own share of food and water. Before they started to eat, they said a short chant, praising and thanking nature for the food that they will eat.


     All of them were orphans and they were adopted by Lucia, the woman who became their mother figure as they grew up. She is a witch, a person with high affinity with magic and nature’s guardian. Contrary with the stories about witches, Lucia is a warm and loving parent. All of her children are blessed with affinity in magic so she decided to nurture their talents and powers. Previously, they lived in a small town at the east side of Zurich. But when Lucia died from an incurable disease, the sisters were forced to live as tailors under the patronage of a well-known boutique for aristocrats to pay the accumulated debt from Lucia’s medicines. Even witchcraft couldn’t save her so her seven daughters accepted her fate as the nature’s law.


     The seven of them used to be normal girls. But when they grew up, cultivating their powers, physical manifestations started to show on their eyes. Olivia’s eyes became red as she started to use the fire magic at the age of ten. Of all Lucia’s children, her powers were used minimally because of its destructive nature. Charlotte is an earth witch. Her powers revolve on plants and she can create boulders to attack her enemy. Evelyn is a witch with water affinity. She can boil or freeze any bodies of water at her own will. Abigail has golden eyes because she is a lightning witch. She can cast a high voltage of thunderbolts when she’s angry so her sister’s always treat her with care. Layla, the odd ball, uses light magic. She has the power to heal all kinds of wounds but she couldn’t heal Lucia. She’s not powerful enough at that time. Grace, the oldest of them, uses metal magic. It is a rare type of magic where she can do anything to metal. Lucia forbade her to use her magic to create coins because it can cause an uproar within the society. Last but not the least, Nora, has dark magic. It’s actually not sinister as she expects it to be. With the use of shadows, she can hide anything she wants in a parallel dimension. Nora can also use that dimension as a route to go to a different place, travelling miles in a span of seconds.

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Story about: witch, modern, billionaires

Edited: 01.03.2021

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