Da Vinci's Last Wish

Level 0: The End of Human kind

For the past 3000 years, the world had undergone numerous wars, famine, infinite corruption, and more of the immeasurable sins of the Homo sapiens. The most awaited moment of the son of man's arrival came with a brooding blow of the trumpets of angels.

Forthwith, the judgment day came, over seven billion people, thousands of years waiting, hundreds of days with false assumptions, and finally, the time had come. For the souls in the unknown space of purgatory, the long wait had ended. The living demons lurking at the pit of the ground, the fallen angels of god, has come out of hiding from the dark.

A life saved is worth a name, on a list called the book of the living, and a period of uninterrupted peace and prosperity. Death is worth a penny, a coin that resembled a tourist visa, appointed to give the sinners a round trip to hell. Those who rebelled were directed and rather given with a stark of terror.

The world turned very slowly, every perch of second is filled with flying souls flipping in the air. He who comes in the name of the lord raised a finger and the whole world kneeled before him. Mourning and whipping in this valley of tears. Terror, bliss, anxiety, and all those of humanly emotions given to the nature of his creatures mixed in ruffled abiding memories.

The sun sunk low, the gods and the goddesses came out in their human forms. The myth of the Greeks was never a myth. They were born to watch over the crafts of the king of kings, the god of gods. Each of them was empowered to rule their appointed share of boundary. But even they didn't miss the apocalypse.

          A full turn of the planet reached its final destination. The time of unprecedented natural disasters and other frightening signs receding divine judgment upon the world, an ominous period at the end of human history known as the Day the Lord came.

Yet, as the night is darkest before the dawn, the lord ushered the everlasting Kingdom of god. The son of man had blessed the righteous virgin to bear his child. The chosen woman gave birth to a baby girl. A daughter, an heiress, who shall inherit the abundance of god's wisdom and his kingdom, was born. A motherless child grew beautifully fascinating.

When celestial daughter heard about the good news of the last male human alive. She eventually made her way to see the man she would marry. She needed an heir to rule her kingdom, the Lord god wanted a grandson who shall live the prosperity of his wealth and wisdom. Yet as she found the man, he was making love with the goddess Artemis (the surviving Greek goddess of moon)

It was painful to see such intercourse happening to her soon to be, king and father of her child. Even though she haven't meet him yet. She wanted him and by the name of being the daughter of the Son of Man, Christ, she gets what she wants. Her Will Be Done.

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