Dangerous Love

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Dangerous Love

There are many kinds of people around this world we are living along. They just come and go like the air entering our respiratory system and without them, we actually die.

My name is Rosaline... I'm sixteen and I live in my own world alone.

You may think I'm popular but I'm not. People from my school usually call me a freak and I don't care. As long as they are out of my sight at the end of the day I think I'd call myself free.

I don't like to be involved with people, I don't want to even communicate with them because for me once they enter your life they're like a bomb going to explode your feelings inside.

I hate drama and I hate everyone in my school.

You can hate me if you want to.

But I won't hate you...

know why?

Because right now I'm going to tell how my story began. How I ended up locking myself in an empty space.

My dad was actually a very rich man, my mom was, unfortunately, his mistress. I never had the complete family I wanted long before and also my best friend Trace. Just because I had my family issues her parents doesn't want me to get friends with her.

My dad was not that close to me ever since but one thing is for sure, he supports me with his wealth giving all the needs I want. My mom married another man, I had a stepbrother whom I don't even like to hang with. I'd rather lock inside my room than seeing his friends around the house after school.

I earned to get myself busy with technologies. Inside my room, I actually designed my own computer accessing every detail I could get from my dad.

Yes, I have a secret to tell you, I actually work for my dad in his inside job.

I am his little hidden daughter and his little hacker.

And that is why I don't like being with other people rather than being with my computer.

I have a mission and I need to be secured in dealing with other people around me' because I know my family and I are not safe because...

I just entered the dangerous zone in my life by messing with bigger people around here in Gravenville.


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