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  She was standing, standing in a complete darkness. Looking everywhere but not seeing a thing, only feeling. She started walking towards the little light she noticed but as soon as she started approaching it – the light began to go farther away from her and finally disappeared. She was trying hard to reach it, she ran and ran but never reached it. She stopped, lost her patience, lost herself, while chasing the light she didn’t know the source of and wasn't even sure if it was real or if that's just a game of her sick imagination. She started screaming and shouting and asking for help. There was no one around, she was all alone, all to herself. She started feeling her soul leaving her body, she saw herself from the side and got lost in fear. How did that happen and will everything come back to normal again? If there is a thing like this at all..normal.The fear of losing your roots, your conscious, the loved ones that you haven’t met yet, losing all you’ve got – losing yourself, the personality you’ve been building for so many years. She entered the black hole and now you may consider - nothing has ever happened.



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Story about: chasing, thoughts, spirit

Edited: 06.03.2019

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