Setting Sun

Amy's POV-   

    I stare out the glass window in my room and let out a sigh the presence of the book on my lap momentarily forgotten. I watched the people mill around down below on the sidewalks. Some in crisp, shiny, suits, others wore regular casual clothes that varied in a variety of color and patterns. They all looked so normal, the town however, was not, and never seemed to be normal. The street lights were currently off, but it wouldn't be long before they would gutter in attempt to life.   

   Although they maybe dressed differently, some in their shiny suits, causal clothes, hair long, hair, short, they all had one thing in common... The fear of the shadows, the fear of what lurked in the dark alleyways. It sounded so childish, and to others who weren't from here, it was. The trepidation was obvious, from the way they'd flick their eyes nervously around, hugged their children close and hurried up their pace, seemly scared of their own shadow. That was understandable.    

 I lazily looked away from the window and payed attention back to my book, feeling to sluggish to do anything else What the Hell is wrong with me? I'm not usually this lethargic...    

 The door to my room seemed to suddenly posses the energy I had unexpectedly lost, for it slammed open with a rattling bang. I didn't move, simply shifted my unusual amethyst colored eyes toward the two figures that stood in the door frame. "Is there a reason for almost breaking down my door, or did you just come to bid me goodnight?" I said in a dull tone, for there stood my mother, and step brother, Zane.   

  Zane turned to my ruffled looking mother, her tawny brown hair was sticking out in places and was coming out of the loose braid that she had placed it in, "See, everyone's here, no need to panic, Mom. She was my biological mother, but we looked nothing alike." He placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Yes, well.." She swallowed and smoothed down her hair her grey eyes, that reminded me of shards of rock, darted around "...Better safe than sorry" She gave a chuckle that sounded more forced.

     All the while I sat back with my bleach blonde hair let down, it had grown long. "What's with the panic?" I was almost hesitant to ask. Zane responded, "Someone's been killed. This makes 5 in the span of 4 days" Zane's words hung in the air, heavy and stagnant, but really it shouldn't have come as any sort of a surprise. And you came to my room first because...? Don't tell me my dearest mother abruptly had a change of heart and now cares about me?     I blinked, "Why doesn't someone do something about it then, like an investigation or something to see what's really happening?" I was getting tired of this, of living in fear, my door seemed to agree with me, and probably because it didn't want to be slammed anymore. 

    My mother's cold grey eyes stopped their travel glared at me. Once more my only response was a slow blink. I was getting frustrated with myself.     Then I heard it, the wailing of sirens from the ambulances, the scream of police cars, flashes of blue, and red. I turned to gaze back out at the window, the limited people still left lone the cement side walk and street weren't just running from a possible murder scene, they were running from the night, or in this town's case the creatures that hunted there. 

    The sun was setting, staining the sky a crimson red, yellow, rose pink, and orange, they blended and painted the sky in a canvas of colors like an artist capturing the beauty of a dying phoenix. Only here... It didn't often represent beauty, it could mean the end...    

  By the time I tore my stare away from the window, the sun appeared to be only a dying ember sinking below the town's sky line, the street lamps sputtered, some died out, some stayed steady. I noted my page, closed my book and set it on the shelf besides me. Reluctantly, and quite slowly I heaved myself up and trudged over to the light switch to turn it off.

   I was about half way there when a sound interrupted me I froze, it resonated from outside, a mixture of a growl and demented howl. In all the time I've lived here, I've never heard that before...

     A shiver ran like a waterfall down my body, something seemed to compel me to turn around, so with previous drowsiness forgotten I did, as goosebumps rose along my skin and as the hair on the back of my neck stood up, I swiveled around only to notice the creature, no, the thing, scraping at my window with jagged, talons, leaving scratch marks along the glass. Even from here I could here Its raspy breathing, as if it was half dead.

     My heart speed up. "Hey, buddy, what are you doin' there?" I chuckled nervously.

    Its eyes looked melted off and they blinked unevenly, before it let out a shriek and I assumed the thing gained a new-found enthusiasm to get into my room, for suddenly its pace kicked into a higher gear and the claw marks became more prominent.

     I fell back and land on my butt, my heart was thumping like bass drums I had heard once in a school assembly, they had reached me not only as a sound, but also as a vibration through my body. I looked towards the door. Why did my walls have to be so sound proof?!

    Another warbled, deformed, shriek echoed, the sound was still muffled by the glass but none the less sent a tremor down my spine, and I snapped my attention back to the creature at my window. I'm surprised the glass hasn't broken yet... There must be something here to fight it off... Anything!

    I scrambled back up and analyzed the room, it was composed of two windows, one that faced the street (And was currently being clawed) and one that faced an alleyway, (Considering I'm on the second story of a cramped housing space, jumping out in the night wouldn't be a good idea), there was a lamp on the nightstand that posed next to my bed. That'll have to do.     Before any neurons could relay the message to move, the window splintered, I sprinted over and grabbed the lamp yanking it off the nightstand in the process the electrical cord tore out. My room is going to be a wreck before the end of this, and who the hell am I going to be able blame? The toothfairy? 

Ariadne Black

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