Devil's Soul

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I run through the hallways of the Empire State trying to escape, but when I look back Morningstar is there, with a deathly stare on his face that could easily kill a normal mundane. The carpet on the floor starts to be pulled so I jump and scream for the one demon friend I can always count on.

"ANZU!" I scream.

The bat wings grow in my back after a lot of pain. I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy, probably for all the blood I've lost, but I can't let him take control. I just won't. So I fly like a dying fly to the other side of the hall, where the carpet is no longer there, but the moment I turn around I see that the carpet has taken the form of a snake, I swallow before opening the door in front and run upstairs.

But when I open the door, all I can see is the city I've always lived in. The city that brought me to life and that has been with me ever since. Morelia. How on Earth is this even happening?! I think and continue to go up, to the very top of the Empire State. Sirens are all over the place, the entire building is surrounded by police (I'm almost sure that most of them are from the Organization, like the Owl) there are people coming out of the building too, scared to dead and even more trying to make sense out of their recent change of country.

Morningstar comes out to the roof, I stare at him and then at my suit, it's completely torn apart, I'm bleeding everywhere, and my entire body hurts. I feel Anzu's wings disappear and the staff shines till the doors close and I'm left with my ring and the suit. I put my right hand on my pocket, I need a demon right about now...

"It won't work..." says Morningstar, he jumps and grabs me by the neck. Then we start to elevate from the Empire State, until we're finally about a hundred feet from the top of it. Morningstar smiles before taking. "She failed" he says, "my son was to be the next" he continues, "not you, a simple good for nothing"

I smile at Morningstar, my last smile for all I know.

"It's open" I say. "The Traslucid dimension" Morningstar opens his eyes in surprise. "You'll lose, especially if he wakes up" I declare. Morningstar tightens his grip on my neck.

"But right now, it's you and the Organization who lose" He says opening his hand.

And I start to fall.

Alex Scrivenor

#25 in Fantasy
#6 in Dark fantasy
#14 in Thrillers & Suspense
#5 in Suspense

Story about: demons, hunting, blood shed

Edited: 14.03.2019

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