Diary of an ex mean girl




               At that time, looking at all their faces, smiling like they had won lotteries, I couldn’t help but wonder what they were happy about. Probably the fact that they were leaving this hellhole called high school. I with my ephemerally gorgeous self couldn’t bother or care less, I mean after all I successfully went through high school unscathed. No bullies or any of that stuff and I’m happy with myself that I at least imparted a little of my infinite knowledge on these imbeciles. I mean ughh, how can anyone possibly live the way they do, trudging through life like they do. I mean there’s Snotty Simon, Nose picking Nancy and those irritating Goth kids. Good riddance. Now we all move to high school and hope they don’t get pulverized due to their insolence like those brainless jocks. And now it’s time for the graduating set picture and I hope I don’t get set near one of those smelly ones.

               I’m set between two extremely sparkly girls and before a stoner who reeks strongly of weed. How can such an idiot be allowed on the school premises, it’s a miracle he’s able to stand upright to take this picture. While I’m reeling with discomfort I notice Sophia whateverhernameis falling over herself to speak to Bradley the self-proclaimed high school god. Another of those fools who can’t use half their brain. He probably thinks with that stuff between his goddamn legs as the jock he is. I’m still yet to see a jock who actually thinks. I will them with everything I have in me to get the hell over here so we can get this over with. I start to get dizzy just as the camera whatever takes his position before the camera. I almost call out to Liz to hand me a water bottle when I remember she isn’t close to me and I heave a heavy internal sigh. The gown seems to have gotten heavier, itchier and tighter. The stoner seems to have gotten smellier, closer and the sparkly idiots have shifted so close I’m barely breathing.

“Smile” The dumb cameraman insists on shouting instead of doing his stupid job and getting this crap done.


I have an extremely joyous sigh of relief and is about to break out of the crowd when he says one more shot. I pull myself together and give my brightest smile while trying my best to make him blind in the process.


The entire graduating set breaks apart and rushes over to him, I roll my eyes and march quickly to the seating area to get my bag and leave this place as quick as possible.

            Goodbye Greatsville High and see you never.



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Edited: 05.11.2020

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