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Dies Irae

Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison

The possessions began in March.

The first victim was a teenage boy named Lorenzo Baldini who lived on the outskirts of town. I was called to examine the boy in order to determine whether or not this was a legitimate case of demonic possession or attachment.

Of all the families within my parish, the Baldinis were the last ones I ever expected to get a call from. They were a deeply religious family and were quite active within the church. They were kind, modest, polite. The model nuclear family. I was surprised that they needed my help since it appeared so unlikely but it would seem that the Enemy will strike when we least expect him to.

Sister Moira Armato and I arrived to the boy’s place of residence on the morning of March 6th. Lorenzo’s parents were frantic and begged us to help their son, claiming that Satan himself had taken a hold of him.

I was skeptical of their claims at first and suspected that their son was mentally ill and upon seeing Lorenzo, my suspicions were confirmed at first. They had restrained the boy to his bed and the skin on his wrists and ankles was rubbed raw from the restraints. Lorenzo was visibly frightened but readily answered our questions regarding his ailment.

Lorenzo stated that he has vivid hallucinations and has trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy. In his hallucinations, Lorenzo claimed that he sees a handsome fallen angel who goes by the name of Istrakath. Istrakath and his “friends” also speak to the boy regularly, encouraging him to commit crime, filling his head with evil thoughts. What kind of evil thoughts they were, Lorenzo would not say.

Outwardly, the boy looked healthy and did not possess the usual sickly disposition that victims of demonic possession or attachment exhibit. I came to the conclusion that this was a case of an untreated mental illness that was being aggravated by the boy’s misguided parents.

I returned downstairs to speak with Lorenzo’s parents. I suggested that they take their son to a psychiatrist as he appeared to be suffering from delusions rather than anything supernatural. I offered to perform the sacrament Anointing of the Sick at Lorenzo’s consent to which his parents readily agreed.

Once Lorenzo was untied, Sister Armato and I were able to perform the sacrament. We bid the family farewell, assuring them that their son’s suffering was not supernatural, and returned to the parish.

This would not be the last time I would see the boy.

Nearly a week late, I was woken up in the dead of the night by a phone call from Fr. Davide Graetano. He is an exorcist from a neighbouring village and was called to perform an exorcism. He would be needing my assistance.

Upon arriving to our destination I quickly realized that the home that we have arrived to was the house of Lorenzo and his parents. We found the front door unlocked and walked in, only to be greeted by the terrified screams of the boy’s parents. They had locked themselves in their bedroom while their son clawed at the door and bodily rammed into it.

Lorenzo’s skin was a ghastly grey, his eyes were milky white, his fingers were gory from continuously clawing at the wood door, and his body was emaciated. There were also red, angry blisters all over his body. They looked painful but Lorenzo ignored them.

Graetano and I both gasped in horror at the spectacle.

Armed with our crucifixes and Bibles, we recited Psalm 91 and began the exorcism.

Lorenzo, or rather the demons possessing the child, turned and charged at us, letting out an animalistic shriek. His charge was cut short by the sight of our crucifixes but he was undeterred. The creature darted about the room, trying to strike our flanks only to fail miserably. We managed to back the boy into a corner and continued the rite.

The creature writhed and made a terrible racket, foaming at the mouth and shouting blasphemous insults at God, Jesus and Mary. He gave out one final scream before he collapsed. A black shadow leaped from Lorenzo’s body and vanished.

The boy’s parents slowly emerged from their room. Lorenzo remained unconscious so his parents took him to his room. Greatano informed the couple that we would return tomorrow afternoon and departed.

True to our word, we returned to the household each day for the following three weeks. Sister Armato always accompanied us to each session as we often needed her and Lorenzo’s parents to hold him down and prevent him from ripping off his bandages or attacking us while we prayed and spoke to the ‘gang’ of demons that had possessed him.

Lorenzo’s case certainly wasn’t as severe as some in terms of his symptoms and behaviour but the demonic forces within him were steadfast. The full blown possession that we had seen prior to beginning our series of sessions with him were a great cause for concern. Whoever had taken residence in Lorenzo was extremely powerful and we had to drive them out. The constant stimulation was wearing Lorenzo down and caused great stress within their household.

Finally, into the fourth week of our visits, the last demon in the gang was ‘delivered’ and Lorenzo was free.

We recommended a regimen of prayer and worship for the family to follow in the coming months. Considering that the family regularly attended mass and were often present at church functions, we did not think it would be too difficult for them to follow our plan. Lorenzo was later taken to a medical professional as I had initially suggested as well.

The boy was on the road to recovery and some bit of normalcy and Graetano and I congratulated ourselves on a job well done.

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Story about: demonic possession, exorcism, catholicism

Edited: 31.03.2021

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