Etched In Stones 2


POV:3rd person
The past is a smoke trapped in a closed room which swirls, revolute and changes. History is broken aches and faded walls with hidden stories.

A dusty book on a wooden table was flipped open by wind and it took us back to 1302 when everyone in the Kaura empire was celebrating the arrival of the triplets Queen Sadiya gave birth to which two were boys and one was a female. They were named Muhammad, Adam and Sadiya. As she said, she didn't care about the title of Queen mother so to respect her wishes, she pleaded for the title to go to Queen Halima and it did. Disaster struck as before she could feed any of her babies milk, her soul was taken away by the Creator. The Queen mother was already aware that would happen as her royal astrologer's words always came true. The news of her death spread like wildfire in every corner of the empire. Even her family heard about it but the people who got affected the most were the King and Kabir. Both were in agony but couldn't share their feelings with anyone as a man is never allowed to show he is at a weak point. The Emperor himself performed her last rights and she was buried in her chamber where it was locked away forever.

The page of the book was flipped over to the next year, 1303 when Queen Halima became the Queen mother and got custody over the three children. She fed them her milk and the Queen mother suggested to the Emperor that he gives her total control in raising his children as her astrologer suggested. The Emperor agreed but was still in deep grief because he wanted Queen Sadiya to bring up her children.

The page of the book was flipped again to the next year, 1304 when the Emperor's children started learning how to walk. He provided his children with all the comfort they needed from a young age. Was he trying to make them incapable leaders or does he have other plans in mind? One dark and stormy night, he was passing through the late Queen Sadiya's chamber and the urge to meet her arose within him which made him enter the darkroom. Her grave was there decorated with fresh flowers which he ordered to be changed every day. He permitted the emotions he buried 3 years ago to come out as he cried in front of the grave. Something he didn't do even for his stepmother, late Queen Ihsan.

The page was flipped to the next year, 1305 when the children's height increased and they started eating variety of dishes. The Emperor ordered for every one of them to be given new hobbies and to let them explore different works to find their talents. After a few days, the eldest, Muhammad became good at hunting animals and the Emperor encouraged him to visit the jungle from time to time to become an expert. Adam, the second child loved painting and the Emperor too encouraged him to continue painting as he'll go far with it one day and then the last born, Sadiya which the Emperor named after her mother had no interest in anything. During the days the Emperor gave them to find hobbies, she dedicated more of her time to studies which the Emperor became the most impressed with her as he remembered the passion her mother had for studies.

The page was flipped to 1306 when the birthday celebration of the three kids was happening. It was a grand and happy celebration not only in the palace but in a small village located in the corners of the empire as a beautiful baby girl was born. No one knew with the celebration of the triplet's birthday, history has already embarked on a new journey in the lives of those three children.

The pages were flipped to 1310 during the birthday celebrations of the triplets. It wasn't just their birthday this time as the Emperor was also celebrating the completion of a mosque he built in memory of his late Queen, Sadiya. But the celebration didn't end there. Another family in another village in some part of the empire were happy with the arrival of their newborn beautiful daughter. What is history trying to write? The Emperor started changing his behaviour towards his two sons as before, he fulfilled everything they wished even before asking for it but as soon as their birthday celebration ended, he turned as cold as ice. He asked his trusted aid, Kabir(his late wife's first boyfriend) to train them in sword fighting.

When the page was flipped to 1311, it was shown Queen Halima disagreeing with the King on the type of cold treatment he was giving his children. He neither allowed them to meet him unless for an important reason or when he wants them to come and witness how court proceedings go on nor did he meet them. He stopped finding time for them and backed out from all the obligatory duties he should perform.

In 1312, the Emperor started watching closely how the two kids were behaving towards other people. The female child, Sadiya was always with her stepmother Queen Halima in her free time whereas the King kept the other two children so busy that they didn't find time for anything except political affairs. By 1312, they became experts in sword fighting hence the King promoted them to join in court meetings and contribute their decisions.

In 1317, they marked 15 years old where the two had knowledge of everything. The Emperor sent them on a war to the nearby country even though neither the Queen mother was in support nor his other queens. Everyone loved the triplets as they were the King's children and knowing what happens in war, they may not come back alive worried everyone most especially the Queen mother.

In 1318, the two children were meant to return and Muhammad emerged the winner and conquered the state his dad asked him to whereas Adam, couldn't. The Emperor started favouring his eldest son, Muhammad and with the success he achieved by winning the war, crowned him the crown prince and King in waiting. The two brothers adored each other because they were identical twins so no one cared who'll become the next king.

In 1319, the Emperor finished building the first madrasah in the empire and he dedicated it to the poor people in his late Queen's name, Queen Sadiya. The school was extremely big and he appointed tutors from all over the empire to come and teach various subjects.