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Perhaps another murder meant nothing for a man who had been involved in a killing before that time. Killing someone, for the victimizer, was one of the easiest things one could do if the he wasn’t afraid of getting banged inside a cell for rest of his life or being hanged.

But the victim was sure he was going to die any moment from suffocation when he was no longer was able to inhale oxygen inside his lungs which felt it was being pressed by something massive.

Let me breathe…he gasped, heard his own faint voice prolonging inside his head when he felt pressure of earth straight against his rib cages. I am dying…he told himself when a big rough palm gripped his throat so hard; he thought his Adam's Apple was inside his throat now. He gagged and gasped for air when realized him being dragged on the floor. It seemed like someone was flaying him from his knees up to the upper limbs too.

The grip on his throat made him think of the time when a tender hand had come from darkness for his help from darkness.

"Who's hand is this?" he questioned himself when he found it could be the biggest déjà vu of his entire life. Déjà vu of suffocation and hand rarely came to him. It was like once or twice a year but it wasn’t the déjà vu anymore.

"Leave me!" words came out from his mouth when he started to pull the man's hand, just to find out his attempt was bound to failure. How could someone keep holding his slippery and sweaty neck so firm?

The hand wasn’t creation of his mind or his childhoods blur memory. He discovered it when he saw blurred body figure and a couple of limbs.

Once a hand had come which had resulted as Midas touch.

  He could hear a bizarre masculine sound in the darkness while being dragged. He couldn’t understand what was going on around and who was dragging the half conscious man all over the floor. Some seconds later he became unable to find if the sound came from a human or an animal.

When his knees and abdomen started to collide on something possessing sharp edges then he sensed he was on stairs. He presumed his knees had been dislocated due to rapid collisions. But the problem was that he still couldn't see what was happening to him. All he knew was, he was about to be killed soon.

His attempt to regain consciousness was like nothing more than biting diamond to crush it.

I must open my eyes…but it seemed as if someone had sewed his eyelids or had super – glued them.

Once my suffocation had perished after the touch and I was pulled out of the agony….I could breathe after it. Till now I am breathing…

"Mooovvveeee….!" He heard a man's voice and saw a human like transparent heads on the side of an opaque face. The blurred sighting of the victimizer meant nothing for him.

"Don’t kill me…" again words came out from his mouth but he was sure it hadn’t reached in the person's ears. A painful slap on his face almost awakened him.

He wants me conscious? Why doesn’t he want me get up?

Looked like the man's attempt was showing results when the victim felt gradual increase in his senses. Most importantly he could hear more clear and could somewhat see more. At least he could figure out if the person was a human or a moving mannequin.

I was told…Aitoúntes. Is this a Redman?

Blood oozed out of his nostrils and later he heard his nostril crack because his face had been slammed hard.

I don’t want to wake up…he was right.

The victim was feeling nausea like never before and he wanted to vomit as soon as possible. He had preferred himself dead rather than alive because he had been discovering shocking thing which had turned his life upside down in a single evening.

The meeting in the evening…he recalled while he was still in attempt to find out how many people were inside the room. He could hear tramps and without any doubt it belonged to only one person who had been wearing rubber shoes with thin soles.

He was getting rid of dizziness and nausea when he assumed he just had heard a female shout. He wasn’t supposed to be suffering at that time, instead something else was to happen but the entire anticipated scenario was changed.

As he confirmed it as a feminine yell then the man's desire to die took a flight and a burst of energy came in his body all of a sudden. He knew he was sweating but as soon as he regained his sense of surrounding events back then he found himself nude to bare skin in front of the scary man.

To his misfortune, there was plum woman to see him. He was drugged at the moment but took him no spare time for him to recognize the fat woman as his mother.


What he saw next was far more unbelievable than he had ever imagined. Behind his weeping mother, a 5.5 ft tall girl looking to be in her early twenties stood like a statue. She looked like she did not care what was happening in front of her. She looked as if she had come straight to existence from ancient piece of Fresco Art from Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo.

The face was no strange for him but he couldn’t believe he had seen her after such a long time – since his childhood. The victim shared glances with his mother and looked at the armed man who had a Colt Pistol in his clutch with finger on the trigger.

K.R Webber

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Story about: conspiracy, ghosts, religion

Edited: 17.08.2019

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