Ever So Enamored


The Kingdom of Berlea, located at the Northwest, is known for the heavenly beauty and charm of it’s young ladies. The devious, King Theodore Helfgott, once invited the elites from everywhere, offering a tremendous feast with him. Consequently, for the first time in the history of Berlea, the Kingdom woke up to the aroma of fresh flowers and delightful music all around. The streets were busy with the king’s men and their horses: They decorated the streets, shut up the strays and dropped a present at the doorstep of ever single pretty lady of Berlea. 


She heard her mom call from the kitchen,

"Could you please get the door?”

She pulled the door open, chewing on a raw sugarcane stalk. She let off an amused snot seeing the present and instantly looked hither and thither. She then rushed to her room with it, tossing off the stalk. 

Who is it from? Is that for you?” 

Asked her mom a while later; She then kept the read invitation aside and began to unwrap the present; 

It is from the king, Mom. He has set up a feast for the elites, and... I’m invited” 

“My goodness! How exceedingly kind-hearted he is” 

“And he has mentioned to put on the dress he had sent, to the feast” 

“Oh lord! You would look absolutely royal in this dress, my dear...and... and an elite man would fall for your beauty, head over heels. I can’t... Oh! I can’t.” 

she said on cloud nine.

Never happening, Mom”. 

Few hours later, The good-looking Elites began to arrive at the Royal Palace; and their reception was by the King himself. They were all led to an astoundingly spacious dining hall; the men had their seat and so did the King. All the charming ladies stood out waiting to be called for the feast, in their most majestic dress. 
Isabella just arrived at the palace; 

I’m so late; they all must have finished with the feast by now

She thought, and dashed into the dining hall as the crow flies; There were just the men and the King. All the men gazed at her; her long braided hair and her blue eyes as beautiful as the ocean took down the hearts of the men. She zoned out for a moment and then she hurried off. She was shaking terribly, 

You could have intruded anywhere but the Royal palace, you moron” 
she mumbled to herself. 

All of the ladies were summoned to the hall; but to their nasty shock, the table was empty. This is when Isabella realized wherefore they were invited all dressed up elegantly. The King had demanded for a huge part of the Elites' possessions in return to marry the ladies, which later they had agreed to. The money-grubbing and materialistic King Theodore Helfgott, took their beauty for granted; what a rude awakening this is. Anyway, It was a massive insult to Isabella; All the other ladies were thrilled to get married to the elites, and so they assented. But, Most of the men asked for Isabella; Some had even offered twice or thrice more than that of the demanded possession; 


she responded uncompromisingly forthright and continued, 

I beg your pardon, King Theodore.” 

and stormed off; She could care less about their glamour or their wealth. In fact she has never been this gutsy, Not even the consequences that could come after mattered to her. They can choose but they cannot compel, she knew. But The King could not stand the insult nor the loss, something dreadful is waiting for you Isabella... 


As soon as The Kingdom of Berlea hit the nightfall, the sky appeared bright and rich in the shades of orange and blood red, welcoming Lord Goratrixx Dorton, the demon king of Dronheddon. He stormed on his demonic stallion followed by the pack of his werewolves to capture the Kingdom. They headed towards the royal palace, burning down everything on their way; and the people ran out of sight in affright. 
King Theodore immediately summoned each and every of his royal guards to assemble in defence; not knowing that the coming was of the DEMON KING. 
The ground beneath his feet began to vibrate, however he was ready for a war, anticipating for a colossal army. Arrived the Lord Goratrixx and his werewolves at the entrance of the palace; 

Shall we be friends, King Theodore Helfgott?” 

screamed the demon king, mockingly. Theodore made no answer but instead he whisper something to one of his Royal guards. Continued the demon king; 

If we are friends, give up your throne. If we are not, I WILL SEIZE IT” 

Apparently, they were excessively powerful than a hundred ordinary men. Thus, The King Theodore chose peace with a different intention; Deception is his womb mate and he has always been cunning and manipulative. That was one enormous task for him to convince The Lord Goratrixx to come in for a cordial talk. 
Lother the Alpha werewolf and Tyron the Beta werewolf accompanied him inside; 

We can definitely be friends, Lord Goratrixx” 

Said The King offering him a seat, and then he resumed 

Did you know that my kingdom is known for the heavenly beauty of it’s ladies? All the men in power gives me most of their possessions to marry the ladies. But no man up till now could afford to marry Ms. Isabella; the beautiful amongst the beautiful... 

*Meanwhile at Isabella’s home
Mrs. Kathleen, The king has summoned Ms. Isabella to the palace, isn’t she home?” 
Asked one of the Royal guards to her mom. 
Yes, She is. I will get her right off” 
She said clearing her throat and rushed to Isabella. 
My dear, The king...The king wants to see you. He has sent his royal men;  Slip into your clothes, I will also come along with you” 
said she, in a trembling voice. 
Relax mom, at first let me talk to them”. 
She said, tucking the corners of her bedsheet. She grabbed her thick messy hair and did a loose bun while heading towards the door, 
Hi, May I ple...”
We need to go immediately, Ms. Isabella” 
“But why? Please give me a reason” 
“You have a visitor; Get dressed immediately and follow, otherwise we will have to use force on you” 
“Visitor? At this time? It is so late. Who ever it be, I will meet in the morning” 
“We can’t leave the place without you, Ms. Isabella” 
“I am afraid I will have to say a NO, please be gone” 
She said reaching out to the door knob. One of the men stepped in pressing his palm against the door and the other man grabbed her wrist and pulled her out, 
He said at the top of his voice. Hearing this, The lantern from Kathleen’s hand fell and shattered; and she hurried to them. But by then, they had took off: she caught a glimpse of the horse cart from the distance and her eyes filled with fear. 
Isabella was brought to the palace wholly tied up; and in her bare foot. She was drawn through the entrance; When nearing, she overheard the king say, 
You, Lord Goratrixx, is the most perfect person who deserves her; I want no penny. Take her with you, BUT if you let me keep my throne”
They pushed her to the Demon king's feet; Lother yanked the scarf that tied her mouth, so abruptly that her beautiful long hair untied and fell on the Demon king's hard and thick-skinned feet, it felt like the softest silk. Lord Goratrixx took a step back and looked up nodding. Theodore smirked, realising that The Lord Goratrixx is powerful but half-witted to understand that he could get all the ladies if he had captured the Kingdom. 
You will never get to take me with my assent, Lord Goratrixx. Are you this idiotic to marry someone who has no feelings for you?” 
asked Isabella, with no fear at all. Hearing this, Lord Goratrixx cried aloud, furiously. That is so brave of her though, no one had ever spoke up to the Demon king ever. King Theodore had to bring up something quickly, or this would not end well.  
You must definitely give her some time. Who in the universe wouldn’t fall for you, Lord Goratrixx? You are mighty, the MOST mightiest.” 
He said; Everything he wanted was some time to sort things out, and to punish her for the insult. Two birds with one stone, how cheaply ingenious. 
“I will give you one hundred days; If this decision does not change, you will forever be imprisoned.” 
said Lord Goratrixx to Isabella; and she broke into tears helplessly, He then continued, 
And you Theodore... will be beheaded”. 
King Theodore listened in silence; and with no further comments Lord Goratrixx stormed off. 
You will DEFINITELY regret this Theodore” 
She shouted more louder that she had wanted to, while Lother lifted her on his shoulders. Didn’t she just call 'Theodore'? Yes. You read that right. 
As soon as the sun rose Isabella’s mom headed to the palace with Scarlett. Lother the Alpha werewolf and Tyron the Beta werewolf were guarding at the entrance,  
Stop there ladies” 
Lother yelled at them. 
Wait here, Aunt Kathleen. Let me have a conversation with him” 
Said Scarlett. 
We have come to meet King Theodore” 
“You cannot” 
“Please this is so urgent, I beg you” 
“You cannot” 
“My sister Isabella is missing, she had been....” 
Lother yelled at the top of his deep voice. Out of furiousness, she quickly grabbed her boot knife and stabbed him. He was so huge to be hurt by her little boot knife, he gave her a hefty smack with his huge hand and she fell unconscious in no time. 
Slay her” 
Lother ordered to Tyron. Isabella's mom fell on Tyron's feet and begged him not to take her; but anyway he walked away. She cried aloud for help; Hearing this King Theodore came out 
Mrs. Kathleen?... come in” 
Said King Theodore, Lother sighed and looked away. 
Your honour, You must know where my daughter Isabella is, don’t you?” 
She asked in pain. 
I do, but...” 
and... My niece is taken by the werewolves, I’m losing everything. Please help King Theodore... Please help us.” 
“Mrs. Kathleen, I understand your pain. Even I am in trouble; I am helpless. The Demon king has abducted Ms. Isabella, because he is in love with her.” 
“De-Demon? Demon King?” 
“Yes, It is not me who can help you. The one and only person who can save all of us is your daughter.” 
“What do you mean, King Theodore?” 
“Isabella has been given one hundred days to accept the Demon king's proposal. If she does; She can live happily as a queen and she will forever be free, Your niece will be released, I can keep my throne and everything will get back to normal. It is she who has to decide, only her.” 
“No, No... She would never ever accept it. I know my daughter extremely well. You NEED to do something else, please” 
“Mrs. Kathleen, Ahmm...  I would do anything to save my people. Don’t worry, please go home” 
“I trust you my king, Thankyou so much” 
She then returned trusting the deceptive and selfish King... 

At Dronheddon; Isabella got locked up. She could hardly move in there, It was all dusty and dark and the only light in there was from a pie sized vent hole at the ceiling; It was more than suffocating for her. She screamed and screamed out in furiousness and frustration. She fell on the floor, tired and with tears all her face. 
I will die in here”
She murmured; but not even for once, the thought of being his queen passed her mind. She is quite different, isn’t she?. Hours later, she is lying on the bare floor, with a side of her face covered in dust. She was awake, and could hear the clicking of someone’s shoes against the ground, but too tired to even open her eyes; 
Here’s your food” 
Said Axel the Delta werewolf; with great exertion she got herself up, 
Tell to your King that I would do anything but marry him” 
“You have no other choice; either die as ‘Isabella’ or live as the ‘Queen Isabella’.” 
She broke out into laughter like a mad man. Axel kept the food down and walked away hearing her laughter fade with distance.  

Tyron had taken scarlett to an abandoned mansion nearby the Royal palace of Berlea. He then untied her mouth but not her hands, she could not stop crying and apologizing the whole time.  
Please, leave me alone. I beg you, please” 
What is your name?” 
“Relax Scarlett, I’m not going to slay you. I could but I won’t” 
“Th-Thankyou, Thankyou so much Mr....” 
“Mr. Tyron, I can apologize to him, I didn’t mean to” 
“I understand”  
He said while untying her hands and then he continued, 
You don’t have to apologize to him. No matter what, he should never know that you are alive. Stay out of his sight.” 
“Okay, and... how did Lord Goratrixx come to know about Isabella?” 
“King Theodore suggested” 
“Wait, what? King Theodore? No way. It wouldn’t be like that. He won’t do such a thing” 
“What made you think I’m lying? He offered ‘Isabella’ for his throne” 
“Oh my God, She needs help then” 
“She does.” 
“I appreciate your kind heart but why are you helping me?” 
He made no answer but just sat beside her in silence. She sighed and stood up slowly, 
“I’m leaving, Mr. Tyron” 
She said with her head down, and hurried off. Tyron really has a good heart though, or is it just to her?  
Scarlett dispatched a letter to King Theodore anonymously. The letter only said that he would lose his throne and everyone would know how. Reading this, King Theodore almost choked panicking. He was wondering how anyone would know about this. To him; Mrs. Kathleen trusts him, Isabella haven’t had any contact since then and Scarlett is dead, there is definitely no chance for it to be her. He should now do something, or everyone will turn their backs at him. He crumbled the letter in anger and threw it away; he should find a way to rescue her and keep his throne as well. But who in the world would he bring to defeat the most powerful Demon? He had spent the whole night awoke thinking of a way to rescue Isabella. Hmm... Kudos to Scarlett. 
King Theodore was walking back and forth in his bedroom, in thoughts. Suddenly an idea stricken him and summoned his royal guards. 
We are going to Miriaah Hills right now” 
He said slipping on his crown. He along with four of his royal guards got ready to leave. He was also fore thinking for a lie to tell to Lother when getting out of the palace. But he did not want it, him being inside the Palace was not really their thing. They then got going... 
They were guided to a tree fort by the local people of Miriaah hills. Herold, the Witcher got down the tree seeing King Theodore. 

Hi, I’m Theodore Helfgott, The King of Berlea. I have come in person to seek for a help from the Witchers and it is very urgent” 
“Oh! Please come in and have a seat, King Theodore” 
“We will be more than happy to help. So... what is it?” 
“Lord Goratrixx Dorton, The Demon king of Dronheddon have had come to my kingdom ere yesterday to capture it; and he has abducted a young lady and imprisoned her, to make her his wife. His royal guards, the werewolves, are destroying our kingdom and slaying off the innocent people, including my life is in danger. I am helpless, You should come. This is a humble request from a King.” 
“We will definitely come, King Theodore. Don’t worry.” 
Said Harold, dashing off the names of those places. Before he could offer them anything, they began to leave. Harold headed to the corn field to find Lara and Adrien; they were chit-chatting sitting on a fallen tree trunk. Lara is laughing, how funny could Adrien be? Harold sat beside Lara and shared about what just happened. 
We should go, don’t we?” 
Asked Lara.  
Lord Goratrixx Dorton is way too powerful than you could imagine, you will stay back. We could handle this by ourselves.” 
Said Adrien to Lara, leaning on to her shoulder. She pulled back her shoulder and said, 
You aren’t going without me. We had always been together, fought together and if needed, die together”. 
“Yes, your honour” 
Harold said mockingly, grabbing her by the neck.  

King Theodore Helfgott rode back expecting the Witchers at any moment. While passing the entrance of the Royal palace, he smirked in arrogance. Lother followed him inside and Tyron was alone at the entrance. A lady with her face scarfed showed up, 
Shall we meet at the abandoned mansion, Mr. Tyron?” 
“Ms. Scarlett?” 
He asked confused.  
I would be waiting there for you” 
said Scarlett and walked away. Tyron waited a bit to make sure the surrounding is safe, and then slowly followed her. 
Meetings like this will get us in trouble Ms. Scarlett” 
“I know. I know... But I just...” 
“It is heard that the king had gone to Miriaah hills, He must have been to the Witchers’.” 
“To the Witchers? That’s wonderful. Could you help me one more time?” 
She asked with her head down. Tyron bent a little tilting his head to see her face. She smiled and looked up in his eyes, 
I want you to pass a message to Isabella” 
She said while pulling out a paper and pen from her bag and dashed off a letter... 
Isabella, Most probably the Witchers would come for help. Stay strong my dear sister, NEVER GIVE UP. 
She gave it to Tyron and held his hands in hope; and he nodded. 
When he had returned to the palace, he sees King Theodore pressed against the wall with Lother's elbow on his neck, 
Where have you been King Theodore?” 
“I-I... I had gone to meet my son in his kingdom” 
“Is it in Miriaah hills, King Theodore?” 
“No, No. Ju-Just beside it” 
He said choking. Lother released him and walked away hastily saying, 
If that is a lie, it will be difficult for you, King Theodore”.  
Now what do King Theodore do to get out of this? Another problem is another sleep to spare. King Theodore was blank all of a sudden, his thinking was abnormal in affright and he tried to slow down his heartbeat. Meanwhile, Tyron informed Lother that he was summoned by Lord Goratrixx to Dronheddon, and then he left the palace; Lother made no answer. 

Dronheddon smelled all fragile today, the skies are scared, the trees are praying. Oh my god, what exactly is about to happen? Or is it all coming together? It could either be the sprouting of hope or the final breath of the evil. 
Tyron walked into her prison but could not find her. Someone banging on a metal door almost deafened him; He then rushed to the noise, the toilet 
Get out, Get out”
Yelled Axel banging on the toilet’s door. 
You could leave, I’ll take the prisoner to the cell, I’m free right now” 
“You have come? Well, It is Isabella” 
“Oh! Is it?” 
“Take her back, Mr. Tyron. I got to go”. 
He sighed as Axel left the place. He leaned backwards to the wall with his hand tied behind and waited for Isabella to walk out.  
After an hour, she unlocked the door and slowly stepped out with her head down. 
Please come, Ms. Isabella”
Said Tyron, she immediately looked up on his face, in wonder, seeing his polite attitude towards her ever after staying inside for a whole hour. Tyron then extended his hand towards the hall as a kind gesture to move. She was totally perplexed; He pulled the prison’s door close and put his hand inside his pocket to grab Scarlett’s letter. Axel showed up suddenly with her food, so Tyron quickly locked the door and walked off hastily, he was so disappointed. He had NO idea when he would get another chance.  
Lord Goratrixx saw Tyron at the fort,  
Did you come for me?” 
“Ah! Ye-Yes My Lord, I have come to pass a message..” 
Said Tyron crumbling the letter and pocketed it; but before he could complete, Lord Goratrixx stormed off to his throne. Tyron followed him thinking of a solution, 
My Lord, We need more guards at the Royal Palace of Berlea.”
He said clearing his throat. Anyway he got his request accepted, and then he continued 
“...and others being soft towards Isabella won’t help you.”. 
Lord Goratrixx's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.  
My Lord, I have seen Axel being soft towards Isabella. The one who guards Isabella should be hard, SO HARD, that she should badly want to be the Queen to stand against one of us.” 
Said Tyron; Lord Goratrixx nodded and said, 
You are right. You will be the one with Isabella from now on”.
Tyron rejoiced inwardly. Axel was summoned immediately by the lord and was ordered to go to the Kingdom of Berlea with more werewolves. Axel was dubious on everything about Tyron, but did not want to stand to his doubts. As soon as Axel left the fort, Tyron rushed to Isabella. She was lying on the bare floor cold and almost frozen.  
Isabella, Ms. Isabella” 
He whispered. Isabella quickly got up; he kept the letter at the vision panel and said 
Please take this”. 
Isabella grabbed the letter and read, 
She mumbled to herself with her eyes filled, she kept reading it over and over again even when she could hardly see anything though her tears.  
Thank god! Are you helping me? Are you friends with her?” 
She whispered. Tyron made no reply but just smiled. Once again, the bricks of the castle of her hopes has strengthened.  

At the Royal Palace of Berlea; Hearing the footsteps, Lother expected it to be Tyron. 
Alpha, I have come with more werewolves” 
“You are not needed here” 
“But... Tyron...” 
“Where is he?” 
“He is at the fort guarding Isabella” 
“Return to the fort immediately, and send him back” 
“Something is not right I th...” 
He yelled with furiousness. He was almost sure about Tyron cheating on them. But he kept himself calm until he finds out 'Why?’. It seems like even Tyron did not think about what could happen once he sent Axel, definitely not. 
Axel on reaching the fort, 
My Lord, The Alpha needs Tyron at the Palace of Berlea. I could do the needful here”
Inform him; and you... do not be soft with Isabella. Show her HELL” 
“Yes, My Lord”.  
Wasn’t that the stupidest idea that Tyron could use for passing the letter? This would not go well, for sure. While Axel was heading towards the prison, Tyron was talking to Isabella. Hearing his footsteps, Tyron hit hard on the wall and yelled aggressively, pretending it was on her. Immediately she shoved the letter into her mouth. 
Called Axel, and he continued 
Lother needs you at the Palace of Berlea. I can take care of THIS”
He said grabbing her hair and banged her head against the wall; She fell unconscious, right away. The letter in her mouth rolled down all wet; Before Tyron found out that he was caught, Axel stepped on the crumbled letter and he huffed, 
You still have time to prove it wrong, Mr. Tyron” 
He said and that little smirk widened. Tyron almost realized what he meant ,and so he made no answer and flew off breathing heavily. He was risking his life too, but that did not matter to him. He wanted to help, for Scarlett; Yes. For Scarlett. But he unknowingly gave Isabella a really tough time, poor thing. All his way back to the Kingdom of Berlea, he was fore thinking of some convincing reason for what he did. If Axel has doubts on him, definitely Lother too will; He was scared to death but he should stay brave.  
Before he entered the Royal palace he decided to meet Scarlett and update her the news. He did not know where she lived nor he could ask anyone. He waited for long hours in the abandoned mansion hoping she would come, although he knew that she don’t have to come without a prior notification. He was badly concerned about her, she was nowhere in the neighbourhood and he worried that someone would have found her. Suddenly, he saw Mrs. Kathleen heading towards the palace. He ran to her and stopped her, 
Mrs. Kathleen” 
He called; an she froze quickly, shaking terribly. He then continued 
“You can’t go to the palace right now. And... give this to Scarlett” 
He said giving her the seven pieces of broken paint from the mansion. She gazed at it, 
She is at her home, she is alive” 
He said and then entered the palace right away; But Lother did not question him, that was even more scarier though. Mrs. Kathleen stood there thunderstruck for a while and then rushed to Scarlett with all the shining stars in her eyes. Hearing the calling bell, Scarlett came near the door and stood there wondering who it is. Mrs. Kathleen could hear her panting,  
Don’t worry dear. It’s me, your Aunt Kathleen. Open the door” 
She whispered softly, so close to the door. She opened the door and pulled Kathleen inside quickly and she shut the door. 
How did you know about me, Aunt Kathleen?” 
“A werewolf told to me that you are alive. My dear, you should have told to me at least” 
“I know... I know. What else did he tell?” 
“He told to give you this” 
She said giving the paint pieces to Scarlett; and she hugged her. 
“Yes! How is this even possible? Is he helping us?” 
“I will tell you everything aunt Kathleen. Now, please return to your home.” 
“Okay dear”. 
Scarlett scattered the paint pieces on her bed,  
What kind of puzzle is this Mr. Tyron?” 
She mumbled while trying to arrange the pieces to something that she did not even have an idea about. The pattern on the paint pieces looked so familiar to her, she picked one of them and tried to remember it. 
Yes! Yes! Yes! This is from the abandoned mansion. Do you want me there Mr. Tyron?” 
She mumbled to herself and giggled; But did not know the time she was supposed be there. She was flipping and rearranging to find some number, because that could be the time.  
A number, A number” 
She chanted. If she had to be at the mansion, he only had to give one piece of the dried paint. But what is with the seven of it? Yes! It is a number, 
Seven! At seven? Is at seven?”. 
It was almost seven, so she got dressed up in a hurry with her face scarfed, she went to the abandoned mansion, hoping that she was right about the time. As she had set foot in the mansion, she saw Tyron waiting for her. 
I knew you would find it” 
He said nodding, and she smiled. He shared everything that had happened till now. She did not know how to react; they both sat in silence. Suddenly they hear footsteps nearing them, Tyron jumped up quickly.  
Are you in love Mr. Tyron?”
Asked Lother walking towards them, and he continued, 
Are you playing against us for her?”... 

Abhirami Sujith

Edited: 22.02.2021

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