Eyes can't meet each other

Proposal at first sight

Sarah is sitting on a chair, middle of the restaurant. Thinking her past with a drop of tear from  her eye. 

Waiter- " Mam, your order? "

Sarah-" One  tea please with a sad voice

Sarah remembering... 

Reyan-" Take care. I won't take too long. Be careful, wait for me "

She can remember only those words in past 1 year

Mind is saying 'can't wait'

But heart is asking ' a little more '

She was listening to music who is playing in the restaurant. 

Tea served--- 

Took one sip--

Sarah thinking - " I can't  wait any longer for you" 

Stopped thinking when a voice heard by a person... She took  A glance at him. 

He was wearing blue genes with white full hands,  which was fitted to him and looking cool. 

Person-"May i sit here" pointing the chair which is in front  of her chair. 

Sarah looked at him for a while and asked -" R  U REYAN? " with exicitment look

Person -"NO" who is clueless what she was asking  about. 

Sarah looked disappointed and gave a signal to sit with her eyes. 

He thought to take coffee, who is not interested in tea. 

He was curious to ask something but looking her sad face not want to go further. 

Sarah gave a smile at him that she is alright (she did that, after seeing his expression towards her). 

Person- "Hi, I'm ASH !  Nice meeting u" want to change mood. 

Sarah-" Nice meeting u too. I'm sarah"

Ash-" Well,  r u waiting for someone? "

Sarah-" yes.. "With sharp look and continued " To my belonged friend. Your scent is same like him "

Ash-" R u both childhood friends? I mean  didnt u both saw for long time! "

Sarah-" Asking name,  like I don't know the person  .. is bit strange  but when he is with me I'm totally blind. Now I'm waiting for him to see'

Ash- I think, not to intrupt your feelings is fine to u right!. I'm sorry" concerned. 

Sarah-"It's fine" said with cute smile. 

Sarah saw at her phone when she got a message  from her friend  to come fast. 

Sarah stood

Sarah- " Thank u for accompaning me"

Ash-" Thanks u too for giving place "

Sarah-"It's just a place, not at all matter "

Ash-" Well, if you can give.. U can give your heart" stood and said with attractive look. 

Sarah confused 

Ash- " Can u give me a place in your heart... " continued " BE WITH ME "

Sarah brightened her eyes biggerly. They both looked at each other. 

After a minute 

Ash said he will meet again and went with handsome glance. 

Sarah cleared her mind and went to her college, who has to take punishment for late. 





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