Fallen Unknowingly.

Un expected

(Sanvi.. (Prov)) 

"Wake up.., Anvi, its too late wake up" aaa... Why she is shouting now.

"Verna..., shut yourself and get lost. Its holiday, I really want to sleep I had a hard day yesterday, I'm tired a lot Verna" yeah its been really tired day yesterday and one of the best days too...

Now its almost a week after my birthday.
On my birthday I went to my grandmother as she insisted me to come but I enjoyed a lot. Because of that, my friends arranged a party for me yesterday, they asked me to stay the night at kinnera place to enjoy. At first, I said no, after that I had no choice but to accept and kinnera is my bestie I can't say no. I stayed at kinnera place and at 3:00 AM I reached home. 

"Oh! Really, you enjoyed as hell and now you are saying that you are tired?"

" Verna really...you're such an idiot!!! I went directly to kinnera place from college and I travelled for 4 hours up and down."

"Whatever dhee...Wake up before mom come to the room." oh!!!  I forget she is right I didn't inform mom about party haaa...

Actually whatever is going on in my life is well known to my dad and later my mom. She is so sweet and scares me a lot but well moms never and ever tell us to enjoy because of their fear and care.

"Yeah, I got it...Verna. I'm already out of the bed..."
After 1 hour I got ready and went down to eat something and Verna is ready for her special class and this is where I play with her.

" Hi, dady!!! " as I said his face expression changed. I know that mom is here.

"Ho wow!!! You are here I thought you said to your dad and went to some other place to enjoy..." She said in sweet tone with damm angry expression.

"Sorry, mom there nothing in my hands. I told to my friends that I can't stay at night, but they insisted me a lot and I even call dady to inform. Didn't he said you?" sorry dad but please..., you can handle well.

"Hooo!!! you know about her and you acted like you don't. well!!! great Raju " Verna started laughing looking at dad and even I'm controlling my laugh. Sorry pop. I call my dad pop most of the time.

"Yeah... I mean.., I know. But you are worried about her and your health is not good. You need rest so I said nothing to you Shobha"

"Mom I'm sorry, from next time I will definitely inform you about my parties..., please this one time forgive me." she is angry but I know she is worried about me.

"Stop pleasing and eat something" yea... My mom is back and that the reason no can replace mom's position.

"And you Verna, laugh out why to control that" Verna face turned into shock well my mom is a lecturer and she knows how a student behaves.

"Fine !!! Mom" Verna said.

"Dhee when is your dance class," Verna asked me.

"At 12:00 pm why?"

"Dad is busy with his work and I want you to drop me at my tuition" oh no!!!! Verna and I gave her a smirk.

"Okay fine dhee please...., will you drop me please!"... I nodded my head.

We completed our breakfast and its been 4 years I'm training as a classical dancer and I love dancing. In my dance school, we are organising an annual day for new admission students and I'm event organiser too not professionally but for a family function and few of my friends know that. Now I m officially organizing an event and this is my first event.

"Verna come soon"

"Yeah, two minutes coming... Mom water bottle soon" she came out. I dropped her at tuition and said that I may not pick her in return as I have more work.
When I reached my dance school already the preparation is started, yesterday itself I instructed the things to a few members in a dance school to do.

"Hello mam" I wished and she is beautiful. She had a boy who is 4 years old but no one can guess that she is married because she looks so perfect.

"Hi Sanvi, the work's are started if you need anything ask me" 

"Of course, mam don't worry to go on with your classes. I will take care of it" mam nodded and went to her class.

I texted kinnera to come to dance school for help. She is the only person after my dad who knows me more.
I started making flowers with paper and I completed doing 100 roses after 40 min.
"Hey hi...., Anvi" kinnera came.

"Hi, I need your help. " she nodded and We started doing the different handmade decoration.

At 6:00 pm, we are tired and didn't even have our lunch. Actually, we didn't think of eating lunch that we are so busy with our work.

"Decoration is soo good and I'm sure that the student's parent's and the guest will love it. Thankyou Sanvi" mam said.

"Yeah I wish they really like it" 

"Anvi, no need of wishing they will like it for sure," kinnera said.

"Thankyou Kinnu for help" she smiled at me.

My phone vibrated and that's mom.
"Hello mom"

"The time is 6:15 pm and I think you already started to home" oh yeah again...

"Yeah mom started I will be there in 30 min"

"Good! and drive safe."

"Mam, work is almost over by tomorrow and we will finalise the invitations in 2 days and now we are leaving mam bye."

"Yeah bye sanvi and kinnera"

"Kinnu I will drop you. So, no need to call a cab"
Kinnu house is 10 min walk from my home. 
As I informed I should be at home before 8:00 pm and from dance school to home it takes 1 hour in this loud traffic.
I'm totally a mess because of the traffic. There are three tragic signals I should cross. I literally crossed  2 signals with damm 60 speed and when I make a right turn to another signal I hit a person with my bike.

"Ho shit! sanvi" kinnu said and I'm in shock as this is my first accident. I stop and went to the person whom I hit just before.

"I'm so sorry... I really don't  know how it happened I'm sorry are you okay?" I asked him.


Edited: 01.01.2021

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