8 hours to go

 I  have been dreading about this day since the last five years. I know the risk I am taking. I know that the lifestyle I have chosen for myself will never be accepted by my family or anyone in our community. Women are expected to be submissive , to be just a beautiful figure standing next to their partners and be quite and that is exactly what my family wants to expect from me. They are going to make me marry a total stranger and send me off to play ' Good little wife ' with that asshole whom my parents has selected for my happy living life. 


5 hours to go 

Everything is going like how I planned. The asshole and his family has arrived for the engagement ceremony. I was able keep it at hold for five years but now I can't , not anymore. 


2 hours to go

I have packed my belongings in my backpack. Thanks to my parents (note the sarcasm) I didn't have a lot of my own stuff to pack as they told me that my husband will buy me everything I want after the marriage. Now the only thing left is to wait for my mother to come and take me outside for the ceremony.


5 minutes to go

Bat in one hand and my bag in other I waited for my mother to come. I was sweating like hell , maybe because I was going to do something very horrible or maybe because I knew that my freedom is just a few minutes away. The doorknob turned and the door opened , I swinged the bat in my hand hard enough to make the person unconscious. I was crying while I did it as I thought I just hurted my mother but the person laying unconscious was not her but my 'was' going to be fiance aka asshole. I was shocked for a few seconds but regained my consciousness again I put the letter that I wrote for my mother on the desk beside me and ran for the back door.

Howls of laughter was coming from the living room but I ignored them. I reached the back door and took the cab I called for a few minutes ago. I looked at the house where I was bought up one last time and told the driver to go to the airport. 

I am Mia Anne Collins and this is my story of finding freedom and love.



A/N This is my first ever story so I hope you like it. I won't be doing a lot of a/n's only when I think it's necessary.love love💞

Edited: 19.10.2020

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