Falling For My Teacher

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Chapter 1

[isabella Smith ]

At 6 am. God I hate school. I sat up on bed. 
After getting my self together I got up and 
Headed towards the bathroom to get ready for school. After I done. I threw on my short sleeve chiffon top, a pair of black leggings. I put my hairs into a Fishtail braid then spread some purfume on.

I unplugged my phone from the charger and shuting my door n going downstairs.

"Gud Morning MoM", " Gud Morning DaD " I greted my parents . I gave them both a kiss on cheek and headed to school.

Once I reached W.B. High school. I parked my car and headed inside and meet my friends.

"Hey bestie ", Levina greated. 
" Hey Girl, what's up ", i said back.

[ after few hours of frastating lectures ]

" Hey what's your plan for tonight ", lexi said. 
" Nothing much just going club and have some fun ", I said.

At 10 pm. I wear my short black dress and straight my hair. At time levi and lexi arrived we headed to club. After reaching 
Club we dance and drink. Suddenly I saw 
a man standing at bar talking with his friend .

He looks damn hot. 



hello readers, please read this [A/N] 

this story is written by someone else, but she don't want to continue because of some personal issues so she gave me a opportunity to become a part of it and i am glad about it. the first five chapters are short which is written by her. i just wanted to be honest with you guys. i hope you like this story. 

.. this is short story for your information.. next chapter on the way ;)

Unedited, read on your own risk.


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